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Planetary Defense Force


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Release Date: September 29, 2023

Retail: $5.99

Developer(s): Blue Sunset Games

Publisher: Blue Sunset Games

Official Site

Synopsis Suit up, engage all of your defenses, pick a weapon and wait for aliens to come. As part of a Planetary Defense Force (PDF), you are tasked with protecting planets in this unique mix of twin-stick shooter, tower defense and city builder game.

Move between the planet and defense sphere during the assault to manage both towers on top and economics back on the planet.
Defend against many types of monsters and huge bosses.

Planetary Defense Force is a beautiful visual experience with a lot of bullets, colors, explosions, lasers and mayhem.

Become the ultimate Defender.


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It's an interesting take on a tower defense game and fills a niche on the VCS. The twin-stick shooter elements and spherical playfield are pretty unique.  It also has Classic spinner support.

I've found that you have to grind a bit by replaying early levels for coin to build your stats before proceeding to later stages. In that way, the difficulty progression could be more balanced. Otherwise, it's a fun game. For $5.99, I'd recommend it.

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