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The Hunt - Atari Jaguar Port


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"The Hunt" is a turn based combat puzzle game. You control a young Predator on his first Hunt on the planet Earth. Fight your way through 16 randomly generated, and progressively harder, levels to claim your ultimate trophy. Download for Free and play our your Jaguar Game Drive or Skunkboard: https://jagcorner.com/the-hunt/

A port of the ABBCU SW competition: The original Atari 8-Bit computer version can be found here: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/218058-the-hunt-from-abbuc-sw-contest-2013/

Thank you to Jakub ‘Ilmenit’ Debski (original code), and Michal ‘stRing’ Radecki (music), for making a great game that deserves a bit more attention, and for their approval, feedback on music and other thoughts suggestions. Also, credit goes to Pawel ‘ripek’ Szewczyk for the artwork in the original version. Also, a special thank you to Lawrence Staveley (Reboot) for helping prepare the ROM for release.


🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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