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Madness Beverage


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Release Date: December 20, 2023

Retail: $9.99

Developer(s): Blue Sunset Games

Publisher: Atari

Official Site


Madness Beverage is a first-person shooter that takes place in space: on dangerous planets, remote castles and hellish dungeons. Use all kinds of toxic drinks to gain new abilities and bring death to your enemies or acquaint yourself with a huge variety of weapons that will help you tear the demons to pieces!

Core Features Of the Game

  • tons of fun with crazy weapons, such as futuristic shotguns, Unicorn heads or javelins with ammunition that literally disintegrates the demons that stand in front of you!
  • 6 colorful and powerful, toxic drinks that will enhance your abilities, grant some special skills or even take you to a completely different dimension! They can also make you feel fuzzy though!
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Picked this up last night - it's definitely a fun love letter to early FPS shooters!  Plays like an old title with a fresh new skin on it.  Went in with $10 expectations and am more than pleased for $10.
I echo other players:  If playing via controller, go into the settings and turn the sensitivity wayyyy down.
Others mentioned dropping framerates, but I only really experienced those early in the levels when the maps were still loading up - otherwise it was smooth sailing!

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