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Atari.io Giving for the Holidays


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My sincerest wish is for all that are here to have a wonderful holiday season.  May you have health, happiness, and success in your lives.  And if not, a hope that those things come to you very soon.

We as a group have so much to be thankful for in our retro collecting and fun.  I always find that we can do much to improve the lives of others -- to give back by volunteering or giving to our causes of choice.  No pressure intended, but if you can, it feels good to give assistance to those in need and make our world a better place. 

My wife and I chose three charities to donate to this season.  Not only that, but the company I work for matches these donations!  I'll post links to the charities we chose.  Again, no obligation at all.  But if you decide to donate, please post links to those charities below to give ideas to others. 

For your info, Atari.io users have participated in and supported this type of giving for many years.  From Alzheimer's Walks, to Extra-Life video game fundraising...please SHARE your giving and give everyone a chance to support those causes.

Thanks very much!



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