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A8 Centipede Question

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I was watching a YT video showcasing 50 Games in 30 Minutes for the Atari 8-bit computers.  One of the games they showed was Centipede.  But it didn’t look right.  So I tried to do a bit of digging and found only one Centipede in Atari Mania’s database: an unfinished prototype.  

I was expecting the Atari computers to have the same Centipede the 5200 received. Did an official Centipede ever get released for the A8 computers?

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Check out this old thread here (that I never finished by the way).  A8 Centipede is worse that 5200 Centipede.  And there are other game differences too.  For example, Pac-Man on A8 has no intermission screens!



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1 hour ago, RickR said:

But I have good news for you...the 5200 games (all of them) have been ported to A8.  So you can play the better versions on A8 if you wish.


I was actually doing research out of curiosity when I discovered just how different Centipede really is.  I think I’ll stick with my 5200 games as is.  I just found it a bit strange how the 5200 was said to be a 400 but its games seem to be a bit more exclusive. 

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