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Rocketeer: Rebounced! for Atari Jaguar


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I've not seen this posted here.  It should be of interest...

The little Rocketman is back for another adventure! Unfortunately, his jetpack malfunctions and he bounces around constantly!  Guide our little hero through dangerous environments filled with all kinds of hazardous traps and goodies. Collect power ups and treasure chests, but avoid falling down! Rebounced! is a new fresh take on the C64 classic "Bounder" for the Atari Jaguar.  Its is set to release some time in 2024.


- New take on "Bounder", a C64 classic from the 80s

- Hundreds of animated tiles and sprites

- Colorful pixel graphics

- Parallax scrolling backgrounds and hardware scaling effects, smooth 60FPS

- Over 15 levels (planned)

Follow the game at:

AtariAge forum:  Announcing - Rocketeer: Rebounced!

or itchio:  Rebounced! WIP by Reboot games

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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1 hour ago, TrekMD said:

So, I found a video of the C64 games that inspired this Jaguar game and it uses the same view...


That view is a whole lot better as it is pulled back more. The jag one is zoomed in to much not allowing you to see much of the play field and the character gets to big. So tilting the camera back to a 3/4 view would allow the player to see more of the field. Or, just zoom the camera out.

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