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Mighty Math


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Release Date: January 26, 2024

Retail: $3.99

Developer: Tree Fall Games

Publisher: Tree Fall Games

Official Site


Mighty Math is a mind-bending fusion of arcade survival and brain training all in one. Anyone can pick it up and play. It starts with a simple premise, collect a required set of numbers before all numbers run out to survive each round. As you collect numbers, you will change the player value. You must maintain a player value between 0 and 9. If you go over or under this value range you will be instantly destroyed.

Although the game starts with a simple concept, it contains endless rounds and ramps in difficulty. Survive as long as you can to set high scores to share with your friends!

Enjoy wild randomized runs with varying sets of numbers and traps for a unique experience for each run!

Train your brain as you survive the mathematical onslaught in Mighty Math!


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Fascinating!  On first thought, this is the kind of game that would have given us all disappointment back in the 80's (I asked for Space Invaders and got Fun With Math!)  But on second thought, I can't think of anyone else coming up with something like this lately.  I may actually give this one a try.  Lord knows my brain could use more sharpening.


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