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Valley of the Sun TI Users Group sadly is no more.

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I don't know if many people here knew @Airshack a member here, or Sparkdrummer who hung out on Atariage.  They were friends and the two members of the Valley of the Sun TI Users Group in Arizona and both were very active TI-99/4A users.  Anyway Sparkdrummer the author of Yesterday's News (A TI newsletter) passed away on the 19th.  I was lucky enough to meet him and @Airshack  at the 2016 Fest West and knew them both to be great people.

It saddens me to see so many TI Users pass away over the past few years, as well as seeing many living ones depart the TI community for various reasons.  I would truly like to see the remaining ones come together and circle the wagons (so to speak).  Without a vibrant community of like minded and positive individuals, some will slip away and the loss to the community can lead to an ever increasing decrease in the user base, which appears to me to have already started, based on the amount of traffic that has declined on various sites over the past three years.

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Although I never had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful people in the community, it still saddens me when groups and individuals pass. I know it's been done before but it's no longer maintained, perhaps someone could put up an international web page that would allow people to add names and comments to those members of the community who pass. I put one up for our local Chicago members if you want to see what I'm talking about.


Well needless to say you have my condolences.dezkvdd-d147db0f-96e3-48fd-9e5f-55a833aca124.thumb.gif.9ef4a3a9a6a1d00f4b95aed079bde7da.gif



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