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The Terminators .45 Long Slide With Laser Sighting.

Atari Creep



It is no secret at all that one of my favorite franchises is the Terminator Flicks. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will ever beat the original no matter how much people try to tell me T2 is a better film. The original had everything. SciFi, action, a bit of noir and a hint of the slasher element from horror films of the time. Most important the film had the  greatest villain (next to Darth Vader) in cinematic history, Cyberdine Systems 800 series Terminator model 1 0 1. A cybernetic organism with living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. And though it is the iconic metal skeleton that draws me to the character, the "Tech Noir" look will forever be the most iconic look for the Terminator for me. 


For me Arnold in the gray M65 jacket lined in chains and metal studs, gray pants and black engineer boots will always be what comes to mind first when I think of the Terminator. But what completes that look in my mind is the weapon most associated with that look, the .45 Long Slide with laser sighting and it was just a matter of time that I would seek to recreate that iconic weapon.


It all starts here in this box.


Most of the parts need to make this a reality are within.


The real weapon is based off of Colts famous model 1911 .45 pistol. My prop replica starts with this....


A cheap but somewhat accurate toy of a 1911 from eBay.



And a pile of 3D printed parts designed and created by my buddy Mike of IRMAO Custom Models



First task is to make the barrel/slide a few inches longer. Mike printed an extension and sleeve to help guide it in the right place.




Next is the laser sighting. 





The only part Mike was unable to design and print was the bracket that attaches the sight to the gun itself.


I found and printed a 1:1 image of the bracket on paper and 1 on heavy card stock to use as a template.





This is the only part I will need to fabricate and I am ok with that. One of my favorite parts of any build is finding things in the world that have a "look" and  repurpose it for my needs.  


I decided to go with this...



If you look at the bracket you will see the left grip is part of the assembly. I then looked at a window scraper and thought it had the right "look" for my needs. It is going to take a bid of cutting, grinding, epoxy putty and some resin to work it out but in the end, I think this should work just fine...


Thanks so much for having a look at the first steps in this journey and I hope you will be back to watch it all unfold. 




The Atari Creep



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