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Happily Running Win 10 Insiders Preview on old hardware



😎😉I like using one machine to opt-in for Windows Insider Preview Evaluation builds of Windows, WHICH machine do I use for this? Well, certainly not our main desktop (THE HUB OF MY WORLD 😜) and certainly not our main Laptop which is a 17' Dell that Melissa currently uses as her daily driver working from home. Our third best machine / second best laptop is the HP Pavilion I found with just an AMD A6 with 8gb ram (I upgraded from 4) is pretty much MY go to when not on desktop so that leaves another machine I found, the beautiful but very slow Sony Vaio Laptop. This machine with just 4gb ram - 5400 rpm Hardrive and sluggish CPU: Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26GHz, originally came with Windows VISTA 😒 but I removed that for a basic install of Windows 10 Home which considering the hardware runs "well enough" in that it is stable if a tad slow and unresponsive. Yep THIS machine was the one I choose to evaluate the latest preview builds Of Windows 10. 😂Because in the end it is my last choice normally to use Windows on anyways and if it crashes or becomes unstable it will hardly be a setback or cause any issues. BUT THAT SAID the latest Insider's Preview Build seems to be running just as well and stable as the basic retail build I was previously running. 

If it runs good on THIS hardware that bodes well for anything newer. Between the customizing and settings I always change or restrict on any Win 10 OS I run, I really cannot notice or tell you about any differences without looking up specific details. Other than a nicer looking icon for some of Windows 10 default tools / apps (Camera / Calculator / Defender ) I cannot tell much difference, so I will keep this machine on the FAST RING opt-in for Preview Builds just for testing and giving me an excuses to boot up this old Sony Vaio more often. Oh, and all this while dual booting Linux Ubuntu on the same machine has caused no issues. 😜








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5 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

I recently updated the oldest desktop computer in my office with Windows 7 and it works like a charm with Windows 10.

With a few older laptops I have found over the years, honestly I have had no issue running Windows 10 on anything that came with Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8. 

Meaning installed fine and stable, for sure where possible if I have some spare parts I upgrade with a trickle down affect on other machines, I like to take it up to 8 GB memory and replace the hard drive, especially a slow 5400 rpm with just about any sized SSD at least to boot off of. Not always possible of course depending on what I have spare but yeah this Sony Vaio with just 4 gb and 5400 rpm Hard drive definitely does the job in  pinch. Admittedly I DO tweak and customize a lot, suppress telemetry and disable Cortana etc,  these are my default actions I have always done on Windows kicking useless start up programs and background tasks to the curb to save every precious resource. In daily serious use I prefer not to use a Windows machine with less than 8 gb ram and at least an i5 CPU (Or AMD equivalent) but the old nerd in me gets pleasure seeing just how far I can push these old machines while gaining some use out of them, especially these old tank built laptops that others have discarded without thought. 😀

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I've got a very old single core laptop that runs Windows 7 just fine, but Win10 won't install due to a missing driver for some motherboard component.  It's a really nice PC because the form factor is tiny and it has a really great keyboard.  But it's getting pretty slow, and I think it's mostly that single core CPU.  I've pretty much retired that one to the attic.  It has no value, so no use trying to sell it.

Anything dual core will do Win10 just fine and adding memory does help it run faster IMO.  I've got a Core 2 Duo laptop that's very old but works great.  SSD and 4GB of memory have kept it going, and I use that one a lot. 




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