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  1. Congrats to SuperTrooper! Please come back with a video or pics at least. :3
  2. Ohhh, I'd definitely make a video opening these even despite my full anxiety on camera. At least it'd just be my hands! Well. Hrm. My 'retro game' related item would probably be one of AtariAge's Homebrews for the 7800. Specifically if I had to choose just one the Baby Pac-Man port. there. It looks fun! and a looks like a nice port of a game that can't reliably be emulated otherwise due to the physical pinball component! Also I just kinda like Pac-Man. Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka ('< - - - - - -
  3. I've had a few Plug and Play like systems over the years. I think my favorite was the Jakks Pacific Classic Arcade Pinball. Was it perfect? No. But I liked how the plunger worked. (You pull down that ball on a rod below the system) and liked how the trigger buttons felt. You could had gotten worse than the like... five bucks I paid at a yard sale for it I think.
  4. Yeah, Tunnel Runner is one of those spooky games. As in Mind Master. Someone mentioned Ghostbusters, which kinda slipped my mind as a 'fall game', because it's one of my top favorites, but I play it at least once a month so it kinda slipped for it being connected to a specific season for me. X3
  5. Tunnel Runner or Escape from the Mind Master are always good 'I'm being chased/spooky' games for Halloween to me to play! I use an UNO Cart to run the rom for Mindmaster as I don't have a Supercharger to actually play it on. For general fall I like Miniature Golf a little!
  6. I had two favorite wrestlers growing up, which was in the mid eighties/early nineties. Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter and least one was also a GI Joe!
  7. Sorry I haven't been around. Chrome keeps spitting that scam/spam/phishing warning at me. I know 'other browsers' don't have this issue, but I don't trust Firefox after the cert revoking issue a few months back and Edge is.... Edge. 

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    2. RickR


      As far as I know, the virus message appears on every browser. 

      I've taken to using really old "Internet Explorer" for Atari.io only.  It's still a part of Windows 10.  That's the only browser that lets you bypass the virus warning with one simple click "continue on to site". 

      Plus, I started having a really weird issue with Chrome and Firefox with forums.atari.io.  My computer won't go into sleep mode if I leave a browser with the site up.  Powercfg shows that an audio stream is open, and that prevents the computer from sleeping.  I'm guessing this is totally on my end only, but it's never done that before.  No changes to my system other than normal Chrome/Firefox updates. 

    3. Justin


      @RickR sucks, doesn't it?

    4. RickR


      @Justin, we find workarounds. 


  8. Looking to buy an Atari Lynx Model II in the United States. Just has to work and have a good screen/sound! Shoot me offers via PM please. Found a good deal for one online and hit it. Will update if this changes.
  9. Bought a TI-99/4a from him with hookups/joysticks. Arrived fine- good price and even had a composite cord to sell me because ahahahahha no way am I dealing with that devil RF box. Would buy again, pleasure to do business with!
  10. I've been looking at the TI-99/4a a bit and decided it's a computer I'd like to get into a little. So looking for a working TI-99/4a with all the hook ups and The Joysticks! Must work. Please, PM me offers if you have one. Not picky on model or Overall Cosmetic condition--- as long as it's not falling apart and held together with duct tape I'd probably be interested! I got this a bit ago. Thanks guys!~
  11. This came in the other day and it works amazing great and is easy to use. It came in a pretty neat 3D printed box I can store it in too. The only complaint I really have is the same complaint I have with similar products like 'everdrives', etc; that the loading time can be a little long. But that can't be helped given what such a product does. Overall. Everything I expected, a quality product delivered in a quality way. I would suggest purchasing one if you're on the fence.
  12. Did a trade for a Camo-Blue Neo Geo Pocket Color with some Japanese Slot Machine Game and Pac-Man for a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 with 16k Ram. Trade went smooth on my end. Unit got sent out, and I got my package safe, sound and working! Would recommend. Quick, easy trade-- communicative.
  13. Whoops, PM sent to the wrong person. X3. PM sent to the right person this time.
  14. PM sent! (EDIT: To the wrong person, whoops. Resent to right person.)
  15. My TRS-80 Color Computer Model 1 died. :-/. I need a new one. Will take a Model 1 or a Model 2. I'm not picky on model but it needs 32k or more memory. If you have one for offer, lemme know. I know I'm new here, so I don't have a Feedback profile here as a buyer. But I do have one on AtariAge so here you go, if it helps - https://atariage.com/forums/topic/275209-rockyraccoon Worked out a trade deal! Thanks guys!
  16. If you read the post earlier, you'd see I already asked 'em, and they haven't had anything 5200 direct console/system related like that in 30 years. X3 Just controller kits, etc now.
  17. I bought one the other day and looking forward to it! I'll post about my experiences here perhaps!
  18. 3D printed parts would be neat, but for now I'm just gonna need to settle for finding a junker or just the top of the case.
  19. Way more than 25 for a broken unit on Ebay right now. z.z. idk what's up with that.
  20. Unless I'm overlooking something (and I don't believe I am. X3).... all I need to do is acquire a Jaguar and I'll have at least one of each of the Atari consoles. (In terms of computers, all I have is an 800 XL and it's probably just gonna stay that way. The Computers get dumbly expensive sadly.)

    1. RickR


      Same here.  No Jaguar. 

      I've got an extra 800 that  will be for sale soon, but I'm stalling.  They are really hard to ship due to size and weight. 

  21. Yup, seems my recourse is gonna need to do that. Thanks guys for the info. Now just to find either an affordable non-working 5200 (Because yikes, even non working 5200s are a lot.) or the top of the shell only. I'm sure I can find something next payday. 🤔
  22. So, Best Electronics said they sold their 5200 stock of any sort like 30 years ago, whoops! Gonna try contacting Video 61 tomorrow after sleep if it's possible, otherwise, even B.E. suggested I buy a junker and use that. X3
  23. Oh, thank you for the heads up about the contacts! o.o. Thanks for the field manual. I'll put that on my Kindle App and read it later tonight.
  24. Thanks for the heads up! I've shot them an E-mail. If that comes up negatory I'll look into buying a broken 5200 or 5200 case off ebay if possible.
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