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  1. It seems to be fixed at least forums side, I no longer get the red warning on the forum... still do on the main website.
  2. Looking to buy an Atari Lynx Model II in the United States. Just has to work and have a good screen/sound! Shoot me offers via PM please. Found a good deal for one online and hit it. Will update if this changes.
  3. RockyRaccoon


    Bought a TI-99/4a from him with hookups/joysticks. Arrived fine- good price and even had a composite cord to sell me because ahahahahha no way am I dealing with that devil RF box. Would buy again, pleasure to do business with!
  4. I've been looking at the TI-99/4a a bit and decided it's a computer I'd like to get into a little. So looking for a working TI-99/4a with all the hook ups and The Joysticks! Must work. Please, PM me offers if you have one. Not picky on model or Overall Cosmetic condition--- as long as it's not falling apart and held together with duct tape I'd probably be interested! I got this a bit ago. Thanks guys!~
  5. This came in the other day and it works amazing great and is easy to use. It came in a pretty neat 3D printed box I can store it in too. The only complaint I really have is the same complaint I have with similar products like 'everdrives', etc; that the loading time can be a little long. But that can't be helped given what such a product does. Overall. Everything I expected, a quality product delivered in a quality way. I would suggest purchasing one if you're on the fence.
  6. Did a trade for a Camo-Blue Neo Geo Pocket Color with some Japanese Slot Machine Game and Pac-Man for a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 with 16k Ram. Trade went smooth on my end. Unit got sent out, and I got my package safe, sound and working! Would recommend. Quick, easy trade-- communicative.
  7. Whoops, PM sent to the wrong person. X3. PM sent to the right person this time.
  8. PM sent! (EDIT: To the wrong person, whoops. Resent to right person.)
  9. My TRS-80 Color Computer Model 1 died. :-/. I need a new one. Will take a Model 1 or a Model 2. I'm not picky on model but it needs 32k or more memory. If you have one for offer, lemme know. I know I'm new here, so I don't have a Feedback profile here as a buyer. But I do have one on AtariAge so here you go, if it helps - https://atariage.com/forums/topic/275209-rockyraccoon Worked out a trade deal! Thanks guys!
  10. If you read the post earlier, you'd see I already asked 'em, and they haven't had anything 5200 direct console/system related like that in 30 years. X3 Just controller kits, etc now.
  11. I bought one the other day and looking forward to it! I'll post about my experiences here perhaps!
  12. 3D printed parts would be neat, but for now I'm just gonna need to settle for finding a junker or just the top of the case.
  13. Way more than 25 for a broken unit on Ebay right now. z.z. idk what's up with that.
  14. Unless I'm overlooking something (and I don't believe I am. X3).... all I need to do is acquire a Jaguar and I'll have at least one of each of the Atari consoles. (In terms of computers, all I have is an 800 XL and it's probably just gonna stay that way. The Computers get dumbly expensive sadly.)

    1. RickR


      Same here.  No Jaguar. 

      I've got an extra 800 that  will be for sale soon, but I'm stalling.  They are really hard to ship due to size and weight. 

  15. Yup, seems my recourse is gonna need to do that. Thanks guys for the info. Now just to find either an affordable non-working 5200 (Because yikes, even non working 5200s are a lot.) or the top of the shell only. I'm sure I can find something next payday. 🤔
  16. So, Best Electronics said they sold their 5200 stock of any sort like 30 years ago, whoops! Gonna try contacting Video 61 tomorrow after sleep if it's possible, otherwise, even B.E. suggested I buy a junker and use that. X3
  17. Oh, thank you for the heads up about the contacts! o.o. Thanks for the field manual. I'll put that on my Kindle App and read it later tonight.
  18. Thanks for the heads up! I've shot them an E-mail. If that comes up negatory I'll look into buying a broken 5200 or 5200 case off ebay if possible.
  19. Hey guys! I have an Atari 5200. It's missing some pieces of the casing, it looks crap. It ''runs'' just fine though- despite it's condition!--- I got it for a steal of like 30 bucks off ebay on a bid due to it's condition about a year ago or so. I took a gamble and won-- even the controller with it worked okay! I'll attach a picture of the unit below. Basically, it's missing the back cover, and it's missing a piece up front. It is a two port model. (Though it has 'four holes' at the front as if the case was meant for four. I dunno what that means or if it's normal.) Is there a way to 'buy' these parts separately? (Does someone 3D print them or something?) or am I better off buying a 'broken' more intact 5200 and inserting the guts of this unit into the other one? If I do that, is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks for your insights!
  20. I'm getting one this payday coming up. I love the two Lynx games I've played. (I only have Xybots and Rampart) I wanna play more so bad.
  21. Whelp I just finally got myself an Atari Lynx! Not the best physical condition but it works. Gonna try to repaint the case, I think. It's the first model type. Not the more compact model 2. 

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    2. Justin


      Welcome to the Lynx Kids Club @RockyRaccoon! Of course I'm biased but I grew up with the Lynx and it's always been my favorite handheld. I had the Model II which is a little thicker than Sega Game Gear but it never occurred to me at the time "oh this is too big". I'd have it on Summer vacation for long rides in the car and it was always very comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The graphics and sound for its time were unbeatable in a handheld, and most of the games are pretty decent. Great pickup! :atari_lynx:

    3. RockyRaccoon


      I never owned one. But I remember the displays in Toy's R Us. I asked for one for Christmas once, but at the time it was a dying system, and my dad was tech savvy enough to know when a platform was on the way out, which the Atari Lynx was at the time, and didn't wanna leave me with a system that I'd be unable to get games for easily in a few months or even a year from then. I ended up with a Gameboy instead- which had a much longer life I suppose. 

    4. kamakazi20012


      Welcome to the Lynx Club as Justin already mentioned.  My first handheld was GameBoy, like yourself, which did get a longer life and better support.  I did not know anything about the Lynx, or Jaguar for that matter, until long after their production run had ended.  I only knew of Lynx after a bunch of unsold products turned up at a local game buy/sell/trading store in my home state.  I traded off a then-modern 32-bit system and a few games to pick up a Lynx II, carrying case, and a few games.  I don't regret doing it but had to go back after an A/C adapter to power the thing.  I simply could not afford to keep the Lynx in AA batteries.  The games I got were Joust, A.P.B., and it came with California Games (not my favorite sadly).

      The Lynx II I have now is not that one.  I have no memory of what every happened to it.  I got that same California Games (uh...sorta like Combat on the 2600...easy to find), Batman Returns, Warbirds (high recommendation), and Blue Lightning (gotta get this one if/when you can).  In my opinion Lynx was the better handheld system.  Unfortunately for the time it was all about the games and GameBoy simply got the titles people wanted to play thanks to the NES.  They could finally take Mario, Contra, Castlevania, and others, with them.  Who would want to play Checkered Flag when you could play Super Mario Land?  That's basically how it was.  Also, GameBoy was everywhere, Lynx was no where.  A shame, too, because the Lynx is a really remarkable system.  Look forward to seeing pics of your Lynx once you get it repainted.

  22. I used to be living in MA! I live in Alabama nowadays--- I was born in MA, about an hour from Boston in a place called Westford. But I guess you can't really take the MA outta the a-word.
  23. Also @Justin, when you say the Chatroom, do you mean this page here; https://forums.atari.io/chat/ - or is there an IRC / Special Link posted around that time? Also, Thank you @TrekMD
  24. @Justin, Sure I'll check it out if I'm able! Thanks for the warm welcomes so far!
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