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  1. Organize the game room 🙂 Our son is turning 3 this year, want to make sure there is an Atari and Intellivision ready to go for him
  2. Given the price point - I guess the new Arcade 1UP Atari Pong is out of the running 🙂 so close! Quest for the Rings for Odyssey2 complete in box would be a fun one. I recently crossed a few from my Atari 2600 list, so I'm feeling pretty contented at the moment 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well, and as always - thanks for organizing this - it's a lot of fun!
  3. I'll pre-empt the winter one and say "Frostbite" 🙂 For Halloween - Haunted House since I had it as a kid, but I do like Frankenstein's Monster a lot now that I've played it
  4. Growing up, definitely Hulk Hogan, but I had the opportunity to meet Mick Foley at a charity benefit - super nice guy and has been charitable "outside the ring"
  5. Can't guarantee this is 100% accurate - but pretty sure it was Frostbite 🙂
  6. Splatterhouse for TG-16 is probably my favorite, but for a game that legit scared me when I was young - Friday the 13th for the NES
  7. I'll go Star Strike and a limited edition NSG Pack - Thanks!
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