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  1. Lookie! A  snazzy Donkey Kong XM/ PK Review at Atari 7800 Forever's Youtube page!
    What it first was, why it was, why it wasn't, and what it is now. #atari #donkeykong #DK  


    1. Jinroh


      Enjoyed the review! 🙂 XM/PK is really a great conversion. Darryl1970 noticed one or two things not arcade accurate, but I'd never have known if he hadn't told me. Tep did a phenomenal job with the graphics and POKEY sound. 😄

      I actually forgot I had a copy, until I was poking around my 7800 stuff after your review. 😛


    2. Funkmaster V

      Funkmaster V

      That's crazy that u forgot you had one. But sadly, Im getting to the point where Im getting damn forgetful about all the crap I own now. 

      What was not quite arcade accurate if you remember?


    3. Jinroh


      I honestly can't remember. I'll have to ask Darryl and see what he said. It was a pretty obscure detail though, I'm pretty sure.

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