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  1. I'm finally back, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy this brief trailer for my upcoming re-launch.
  2. At long last....I'm baaaacckkk! :) (New teaser video)

  3. I'm not sure if I can get in on this one, but I'm interested...
  4. Man, how cool...I loved this one too, when I was a kid! The guy I got my Asteroids, Neo Geo, Track & Field & Super Breakout from had a mint one of these, but he didn't want to let it go. Oh well, maybe someday:)
  5. I already have my awesome Atari shirt, now I know which day to wear it!. Also, every day I rock my, "I'd rather be playing Atari games" license plate frame on my Prius (commuter car, Cobras don't get 40mpgs).
  6. Hello friends, another day, another video! This one is really quick (and low-quality, MP4). It is my extremely brief coverage of the severely over-crowded 2013 Maker Faire in the Bay Area. Enjoy.
  7. Thanks Justin, I surely WILL enjoy this game and the awesome prizes. And I'll be sure to take you all along on the ride with me!
  8. Hi all, my new video is up. A special thanks goes out to the awesome folks at atari.io! I can't wait to get higher-quality videos going here, soon.
  9. Hi all, I'm very new to this forum, but I'm already staring to really like it! I also have a YouTube channel. Here's my current motto: It's not about what's there now, it's about what will be there, once I get things set up! My channel is the same as my name on this forum (and on XBox Live, PSN, and just about everywhere else): Arcade Dude 44 I'm really looking forward to being a member in this awesome community.
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