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  1. LIB directory. This is Eric Smiths experimentation and working directories. Most of this stuff is available in the SDKs but some of it isn't. LIB.zip BND2MDL.
  2. Here ya guys go... Ruiner Alpha/Beta whatever RUIN12.ZIP
  3. He no longer has any and if you still rather rude to deal with.
  4. Val D'Isere sound engine JMUSTEST.ZIP
  5. Atari's 'Graphics Gems' collection of source codes from the magazine/articles of that time. One of which they actually adapted to work with the Jaguar: Snippets from these descriptions: Graphics gems Graphics Gems II GEMS.ZIP GEMSII.ZIP GEMSIII.ZIP GEMSIV.ZIP
  6. Developers solved the problem with the dev tools being unfriendly. Atari either yelled at them that that wasn't their job then ignored them and their accomplishments. Or just ignored them. We would have seen things on the Jaguar as-is that we haven't seen before on it.
  7. For those of you who want the documentation for the GCC 2.6.3 for GPU I have separated the texi files from the sources. Open in wordpad. GCC 2.6.3 docs.zip
  8. Here is a couple personal notes that are interesting. Also includes an jaguar.h hardware equates file that seems to be as late as it gets. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; JAGUAR.INC Hardware Equates for JAGUAR System ; ; COPYRIGHT 1992-1995 Atari Computer Corporation ; UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION, ADAPTATION, DISTRIBUTION, ; PERFORMANCE OR DISPLAY OF THIS COMPUTER PROGRAM OR ; THE ASSOCIATED AUDIOVISUAL WORK IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ; ; Revision History: ; 9/19/94 - Consolidated several files into first master JAGUAR.INC (SDS) ; 2/16/95 - MF ; 4/24/95 - Added UART Error Control and Mask definitions (NBK) ; 5/16/95 - Added Asynchronous Serial/DAC Synonyms (SDS) ; 8/08/95 - Fixed two Blitter LFU Equates, added ProController equates, ; added blitter BLITMASK flag, removed MOD_MASK/DSPINT0, ; removed private hardware register definitions. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; PERSONAL.zip PERSONAL.zip
  9. Size.zip- Written by Mike Fulton and Eric Smith Last Modified: May11, 1995 (according to Windows timestamp. And that file in question claims it was last modified in Dec 94. lol. So who knows! ) Latest modify written about in the files remarks claims a date of 5/8/95. This program should take a file name with or without extension read in the .ABS or .COF and produce a list of equates for mac I started messing with the SIZE program trying to get it to compile. It needed files I had to hunt for through old Atari files but I got it all together. So here it is the complete directory in full in case anyone is interested. Later I will post the BIN in case anyone wants to DOS box it. SIZE.zip
  10. You guys want some ROMs? Here we got some self dated 95 era FFL ROMs from same source. And an early mcvr dated 7/5/95 FFL0322.zip FFL0907.zip MC_VR.zip
  11. Ok how about shooters slomg the lines of House of The Dead, Carnevil, Ghost Squad etc
  12. Topic says it all. What are some good side-scrolling shooter games I can get from GOG? Do they make side-scrolling shooters anymore? Modern ones?
  13. What is the significance of some of Johnny Cages Shadow kicks when they are red?
  14. Apparently this guy is having many of the same problems. However I know it's a good chunk my fault since my friend use to come over and do way better than I did.
  15. Just now went to perform Johnny Cage's fatality. Forward 3x and a high punch. The third forward I wasn't perfect on so it diagonally leaped me over my opponent.
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