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Pac Man 2600 getting close to reality...........


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Finally a huge improvement over the original one............





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HUGE improvement. What's amazing is like the original, DINTAR816 has kept this to just 4k. The sound alone is incredibly accurate. The discontinuity of an enthusiast achieving a beautiful game of this quality in just 4k, and Atari's approval of Tod Frye's rushed 4k Pac-Man for which he was given a million dollar check ($2,881,468.45 today) shows us the "Ship By Christmas" behavior pattern that created the conditions for games like Pac-Man and E.T. to ship as they did. That sort of blind marketing-driven culture ultimately is what killed Atari and destroyed the video game industry. This new version of Pac-Man proves the point that Atari could have done far better had they cared enough about their product.



Here's a look at the game:



H/T www.randomterrain.com



I'm attaching the bin as well.


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I love it when somebody goes out and does incredible work like this to show what the original hardware was capable of without add-ons or peripherals. It's one thing to make a new pac man with unlimited memory and sound capability, it's another thing entirely to do it on original VCS hardware and still have it look and sound that good. Kudos to the designer.

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Yeah, this is what I love about the Atari community. You see guys like DINTAR816 single-handedly trying to fix what a major corporation messed up 30 years ago, and succeeding. Warner was the first and one of the largest megamedia conglomerates on earth and remains so today, yet one guy with a hobby has done what they couldn't. I completely agree with Fire_In_The_Valley, the difference between these two games shows the bad practices that led to the crash.

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