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In Memory of Glenn Frey...

Atari 5200 Guy

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The Eagles were an integral part of our teen years, soundtrack to a lifetime.

And yeah, quite enjoyed his appearance in Miami Vice.


Didn't watch the show much, back then.

I think I was either watching something else at the time, or just out with friends during those 'sit-and-watch' programming years.


But been revisiting (feeding from) the bright, glorious 80s output in the past years.

Miami Vice is a standout, must-watch (first two seasons anyway) series and Frey's presence on it kinda meshed so well with the era, and our then-rocker culture, it made perfect sense.


As contrast, Phil Collins, who made the pilot show a success with the use of his hit tune, adding music video appeal to the TV crime genre, didn't make as much personable an impact as Glenn Frey in his role.


All this to say: Hats off to a real rock gent. He will be be missed.



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