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Atari 5200 Guy

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My adventure with video games started with the 5200.  Then the NES came along teamed with the Master System and 7800.  I had the Super NES but only after I got a Model 1 Genny.  Then Saturn came and I was stunned!  I picked one up and took it home.  While browsing a used video game store I noticed they had this rather odd console.  The game being played was a Street Fighter-style game I couldn't pronounce.  So I grabbed the controller and tried it.  Keep in mind that the console was concealed inside custom-made cabinets that resembled arcade-style cabs.  You couldn't see the system.


Normally I'm not a fan of the Virtual Fighter, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat person but I was liking this game.  It was fun!  So I asked the clerk at the counter if they had one.  He pulls out this box that has the Sony Logo and the word "PlayStation" in large letters.  Sony made a game system?  And I hadn't heard about it for almost 2 years?  $259 later I was the proud owner of a new Playstation console and I was wondering if I had made the right choice.


At home I quickly setup the system next to the Saturn.  I immediately started playing the included game, Battle Arena Toshinden, the game I was playing at the store.  I got so excited about getting a new console that I failed to pick up any other titles.  After playing a game or two I went back to the store.  I found Destruction Derby and Wipeout used but complete in their original packaging.  And since it was Friday I also found Tomb Raider.  I already had that one for the Saturn and played it some.  This would allow me the chance to see which system was better.


Here it is 2016, almost 20 years since my first PlayStation encounter.  I have to say that even with the machine issues most people experienced, the PlayStation console has easily earned its rightful place in a video game hall of fame.  This console reinvented the way games were played and should be considered as the first successful disc-based console.  Sony got it right the first time.


Many great games can be had on the PlayStation console including Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.  There are tons of RPGs on this system including some of the best in the Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve and Silent Hill series.  For racing you have the arcade style of Ridge Racer with R4 being my personal favorite.  And you can't leave off the driving simulation franchise that started on this console known as Gran Turismo.  Throw in a nice combat game like Twisted Metal and you're good to go.  The library is literally endless with genre types.  I'm not saying every title is good as there are some that are below expectations. I am saying that there is enough available to keep any gamer happy for a while.




Today, I was playing PlayStation for a bit when I was thinking back to that time of my first PlayStation.  It has been one hell of a journey.  It's sad to see just how low valued the console has become due in part to the backwards capabilities of PS consoles that followed.  Thanks to the low value I started creating a want-list of PS titles to look for in the future.  As long as they are going for that low of a price it is a good time to try to start picking up a few.  I only have seven titles now and hopefully I can pick up a few in the future.  It will be nice to see my Gran Turismo, R4, and Final Fantasy games again.  Plus I look forward to trying games out I never played before.  The adventure continues!







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The PlayStation was a HUGE leap.   I had a Genesis for many years before the Playstation hit.   I was perfectly happy with my blast processing until I went over to a friends house who just dropped $400 on this shiny new Playstation.    Holy crap I had to have it.     He had Doom, Battle Arena Toshinden, and WipeoutXL.   
I ended up getting mine a few weeks later at Circuit City.   I remember I dropped the extra 10% for the extended warranty....smartest 10% I ever spent.   The first issue of these boogers had a history of overheating problems.   I burned out my first one fairly quickly playing hours on hours of Resident Evil.   I took it back and learned from them that they didn't work on those units, so my warranty just meant a total replacement.    O'rly?   

As luck would have it, my second one started getting flaky right when my warranty was about to expire, so I got a 3rd brand new unit just in time.   
My favorite game, by far, was Twisted Metal 2.   I played it, I was good at it, I could beat it with any character including Sweettooth (who gets no continues). It was the greatest game.
Final Fantasy 7 was also a huge game for me.   An RPG that stirred me to tears?  I had never seen such sorcery.   Final Fantasy Tactics wasn't a tear jerker, but it got nearly as much play time.  
I could go on and on about the library.   Only the PS2 (in my eyes) had a better library, and largely because of backwards compatibility. 

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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Surprisingly mine had the three RCA outs and I never had the overheating problem.  I guess I was one of the lucky ones.  I know my PlayStation got more use than the Saturn mainly due to the amount of games being released.  It seemed like every week there were at least 3 or 4 new titles coming out.  It was a remarkable console with games that are still standing the test of time.

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Plus that controller.  I like that they were willing to upgrade it during the life of the system (I'm looking at YOU Intellivision)...and the updated model looks and feels a lot like what you still see on PS2, PS3, and PS4.  That's a home run design.

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