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Intellivision boxes for unreleased titles

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Marc Oberhäuser has made boxes (only) for unreleased titles for the Intellivision...........


10 unreleased Atarisoft titles here:



2 unreleased Imagic titles here:



11 unreleased Coleco titles here:



and a GTA4 funbox here:



Also, 9 unreleased titles from Coleco for the Atari 2600 here:



Looks like the INTV are 12 Euros/each and the Atari are 14 Euros/each and 4 Euros for shipping.


I know our resident Intelly guru, Rowsdowner70, will be all over this! 

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I'm a little lost here.  Just boxes?  Do the games exist at all?  If not....wha????


No, just boxes hence the "Unreleased titles" in the header.... though in the "Coleco for Atari" set, I have Lady Bug and Spiceware is working on a Frenzy title for the VCS.

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