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  1. Misadventure Revised is probably my favorite hack, as it expands the Kingdom more than any other that I've played. (Never mind that the guy misspelled the title as Missadventure. It's the game that counts, right?) Of course, that's if you don't want to get DOSBox and Indenture, and play Game 5, with its hundreds of rooms. Awesome, I tell ya!
  2. Pasted below is the Tron chapter of the Classic-Gaming Bookcast (without the images). I'm only including it because I thought you guys might enjoy reading it. I didn't realize that there were other huge fans of the film, at least beyond the association-with-old-games interest level. I hope you enjoy it...it was unexpectedly difficult to articulate why the movie means so much to me! --- In late 1982 or early '83, we rented the movie Tron for our Betamax VCR. Preposterously, I hadn't gotten around to seeing it on the big screen. I figured out how to copy it, using a borrowed second machi
  3. Well, again, I sure appreciate those kind words...you're certainly doing your part to keep the written word a valuable element of our classic-game hobby / fixation / obsession / awesomeness. That sort of thing was what actually persuaded me to allow myself to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the Internet back in the mid-'90s (via my Amiga), after stubbornly thinking, This isn't like CompuServe! Well-written, sometimes uproarious articles about the "old" games, which weren't even all that old yet, could be found in abundance, and this shocked me. I could read insightful and entertaini
  4. Thanks for that. I appreciate that the stuff is even being read. Most people seem interested in videos these days, but I'm pig-headed enough to carry the literacy torch.
  5. I've completed a detailed article about the origins and qualities of Atari's Klax coin-op: https://www.orphanedgames.com/
  6. Lance rules, and has ruled for a very long time. I'm endlessly happy to see that Video 61 is still thriving. There's my 2K.
  7. I really appreciate those kind words -- and right back at ya, interview king.
  8. Thanks! If the articles get anyone to try out the unfamiliar games that are covered, it was worth taking the time to write them.
  9. I've added a new article. This one's about the awesome Atari 2600 game Thunderground: http://www.orphanedgames.com
  10. If he had fun being creative with something he's interested in, I wouldn't say it was a waste of anything, ?que no?
  11. Happy Birthday -- what awesome presents!
  12. I used Scott Stilphen's map to beat Fathom back in '02, and I bring this up because, when I had my own channel and did a complete Easter-egg series, my comments on the game were either exactly or very close to: "I started out really enjoying Fathom, but by the time I beat it, I thought, 'Yay! I never have to play this game again!'" It's not as if I "don't like" it...the concept, graphics, smoothness, adventure-game layout, "game world" hugeness, etc. are all great. And I always applaud originality; it's a biggie for me. I admire Fulop for the creative risk-taking alone. But smoothness, p
  13. The latest article is about the arcade game Turtles and its excellent Odyssey2 conversion. http://www.orphanedgames.com
  14. I have a lot of fun with that one. When I'm in the mood for a puzzle game, it's much more enjoyable than, say, the actual Rubik's Cube, and it's highly original. I play Game 11, as the character moves fast and the score is measured in moves, rather than time. (It looks like you play a similar variation.) I fire it up every few months and try to beat my last count. You got a great deal if you snagged it for five bucks!
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