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I saw JAWS 3D in theaters ! Photographic evidence enclosed.


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About the only evidence that I was into BAD movies for a long time lol! Here is me at the age of 15 (33 years ago) taking a souvenir photo before going into see JAWS 3D ! :P


I am quite pleased how this came out actually. I was too lazy to drag out my old scanner so this is a picture I took of the original 33 year old POLAROID, came out way better than expected! Since the scanner is 10+ years old I doubt it would have done any better, suits me as this is a much easier way to do things. Between cropping and auto correct the result is good.


What I find more hilarious is my 15 year old attempt at a moustache, lol I got more than that now 5 hours after a clean shave! Back then I never realized how sick of shaving  would get! :D


:rofl:  :rofl: :P  :spot:  :beer:



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I think that cardboard cutout is better than the film!


The 3D scenes must have been brutal with the old 3D glasses.


Oh no! That non moving shark is floating slowly towards us with the ability to freeze when he hits the glass!!!!

Watch out!!!

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