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  1. Did a live stream tonight. Bummer that this game glitched out a lot while playing, while the others did not. 158,600 I might delete the stream as I'm not happy with the quality, but for know, here's a pic of the score and the video below.
  2. Right now I prefer real carts to show off in my videos, although I may bend and use multicarts for homebrews in the future. I ordered an LTO flash.
  3. I'm hoping to get the XE cart one day, but apparently it's rare and expensive.
  4. Funny! Sega CD Which way will you go? Solar City is the goal! Shoot the tubes Dogmeat
  5. I almost included a "brother" in my haiku, 😆
  6. You got it! The rich villain is the Million Dollar Man. Each player has an icon that can show up during the match to pick up for health. For Hulk, it was his cross he often wore around his neck.
  7. Here is a second haiku for more hints. It's a licensed game It features a blonde hero And a rich villain
  8. NES Early game by Rare Bouncing crosses can give health Face a true giant
  9. Star Raiders of the Lost Ark! I mean, just Star Raiders...
  10. Naw. Not cheating, especially with the CDI! I'll guess Hotel Mario, just for fun!
  11. Atari 2600 One on one battle Be aware of falling treats Who let the dog out?
  12. Did you mean to say "Sadly, yes"? I'm assuming you're saying he got it right and that was a typo, but I wasn't 100% sure.
  13. Bubsy is correct! It was also the first game I reviewed on my show.
  14. I was waiting for it! Platform: Genesis/SNES A yarn of a tail! What could possibly go wrong? A mascots first game
  15. Is that your highly-anticipated Tunnel Runner haiku?
  16. Yup! You got it! And it's based on the classic book and features sepia graphics.
  17. Sorry, no, but I really dig hearing your thought processes. Here's one hint: it's related to a classic, but the classic is not a classic video game.
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