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  1. CD-Rom Comic Books From the mid 90s, these books offered animated panels & more.
  2. Today I cover another Master System game from the "Great" sports series. Ep 652: Great Volleyball
  3. Missile Command is the best game of the bunch, but if you had some extra money, I'd put it towards one of those 7800 games in the picture.
  4. Sega Genesis Super Hero Games Month continues with a trip into the Marvel Universe. Ep 651: Captain America and The Avengers
  5. You know I'm always down for one! It'd be cool to see another one happen here! Thanks for hosting! BTW, for those of you who are new to this, here's a video of a previous one we did here on the site last year. This should give you a good idea of what the box is about and what kind of items might make good contributions:
  6. This VTech Lesson One Learning Computer would've been a cool thing to have as a kid!
  7. Acclaim Remote Controller There is a ton of fun, craziness in this ad, from the kid calling it the Acclaim Remote (not the name) to the wrestlers being true giants. And who needs Airwolf's awesome weapons when you have this remote to shoot out the window!
  8. Oh, and if anyone wants to know how to play the game without having to do that whole reading thing, here ya go (plus I think I include a tidbit not in the manual):
  9. http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/atari2600/tunnel_runner.pdf Yeah, this is a hidden gem of sorts on the system, yet it seems to have a following too. My gameplay video of it is my third most popular gameplay video, only trailing Pitfall and Adventure, and my review is also one of my more popular 2600 reviews, almost pulling E.T. numbers. I have no idea why out of the 100s of 2600 games I covered, it's one of the more popular ones. I never heard of it before I started doing my show. Maybe it has something to do with the remake someone did. It has over 600k views!
  10. Sega Genesis Super Hero Games Month continues as I hit another milestone! Ep 650: Superman
  11. I'll cheat and say this: I got it FREE(!) with a subscription to Nintendo Power. It contained Zelda 1 & 2, Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask!!!
  12. Striped Chips Ahoy! (Does anyone remember trying these?) Bonus points for ads that double as an activity!
  13. Checking out a pretty rare one! Pocket Pop Up Pirate
  14. hobby noun , plural hobbies : a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation Yup, I think gaming fits the definition for the most part. Of course, it shouldn't get in the way of other life priorities, such as family, school & work. Also there are both positives and negatives. On the plus side, it can help keep the mind active, engage in new learning, promote problem solving, and in some cases, promote social interaction (just look at the forums). On the negative side, it can be addictive, certain games may encourage poor behavior for those prone to it, and it's possible the light emitted by screens can inhibit sleep if played late at night. As with just about all hobbies, there are pros and cons, and it's up to parents to do what they think is best for their kids. For instance, we never allowed any screen time for our kids until they were two, and then at that point, it was limited to under an hour a day, and the programming had to be slow paced for younger children. Now our kids are full of imagination and rarely beg for certain toys, because they almost never saw commercials, lol. I hope all goes well with your mom. I encourage you to do your best to show respect when discussing your point of view, as well as for whatever decision she makes. My guess is she's doing what she believes is best for you in the long run. No parent is perfect, but most of us try to do what's best for our kids!
  15. Today I look at one of the better "Great" sports game for the Sega Master System. Ep 649: Great Baseball
  16. I couldn't find a copy of Galaxian last go around, but I think I have Chips Challenge laying around here somewhere...
  17. In the short term, I would consider shooting video using your camera pointing right at the TV screen. It may not be ideal for you, but I've seen others use it with good results and I myself have done something similar when doing my reviews of Lynx games and other portable games. Of course if you don't need the game footage for your video, that's another thing, but to start, it would be an option.
  18. Oh, and btw, DO NOT use copyrighted music in your videos, if you decided to make an intro or add music. YouTube does have a library of royalty free music you can use. I've used some for non review videos I've made.
  19. Here's my two cents: Philosophical: Be ok with the sound of your voice ( a lot if people hate how their records voice sounds), allow yourself room to grow, don't be discouraged by slow growth, don't engage trolls, just block them & make videos how you want to make ( there's almost always someone who wants you to do things differently). Capturing: I used to capture most of my gameplay using a DVD recorder. This can present challenges as the technology is getting old and a lot of DVD recorders are breaking down. Also some files are difficult to transfer to computer easily. When I have used to DVD recorder recently I've had to use an extra program to transfer files. Also when using DVDs sometimes when something is blinking on screen the DVD does not capture it just right. In the past I've had to transfer some games to a different file type because of this. I have an Elgato video capture device. It's a white older one. I've used it for some live streams. It seemed to work okay, but I ended up getting an Elgato HD. I believe it's an older model and I made sure it came with an adapter for RCA style cables. It's currently what I'm using for most of my game capturing. On the upside it turns my gameplay into a computer file and saves me time transferring stuff. It also doesn't lose flickering Sprites when recording. On the downside some scrolling games can get blurry at times. Also when I plug some older systems into it without using my DVD VCR combo as a bypass, it doesn't it doesn't send the signal to my TV for some reason unless I use splitters on the RCA cables. It's honestly a mess of a setup right now lol but it works. There's also a delay to what you see on the computer screen when recording. So you need to also have a TV near your computer to use this. The Elgato video capture did not have this delay if I recall correctly so I could play it looking on the computer screen but the window on the screen is much smaller. If you're going to invest money into this I recommend putting some of it aside for a good microphone. They really can make a big difference. I have a Blue Yeti that I've used since the beginning it seems to do a good job. That's just for starters. If you want some more advice or have any questions feel free to let me know.
  20. Usually, but not always. 7800 collecting is weird in that way. When I was building my collection, there were times sealed games cost the same as used! BTW, if Fatal Run is PAL, ebay will probably let you return it. Ebay almost always sides with buyers. It can be taken advantage of, but it's good in cases such as these.
  21. Welcome! I'd have to go with TMNT. Shallow, yes, but also fun!
  22. Time for another Recent Pickups Video. This one includes rare games for the Lynx & Intellivision, plus more cool stuff including a trade from @RickR!
  23. Galaxy Rangers on VHS for the low price of $14.95!
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