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  1. Got paid for an item on Friday, money was in by bank account on Wednesday. Takes awhile, but at least I paid.
  2. Very cool to hear an open minded, honest opinion. I am making a discord for my channel. Can I share it there? (Or you can too if you want to join. I'm still working on it, so I haven't revealed it on my channel yet https://discord.com/invite/KDR3w6Z5 )
  3. Really excited about this one. Features four games, including Zelda 1 & 2, and will retail for $50.
  4. There was an Intellivision Amico presentation at E3 today: Here's my reaction and takeaways:
  5. Really excited to get this lot of Atari 8-bit games in the mail today.
  6. Had fun live streaming Alien Crush last night.
  7. Well, I was finally forced to switch over. I sold one game as a test, and just got paid today. Now to wait and make sure the money comes in before I list more.
  8. I remember playing it on one of the Midway Arcade Treasures. Fun game! Atari
  9. Just wanted to thank @HDN for trying to do a temporary High Score Squad while @Justin was tied up to keep the spirit alive. I'm glad the HSS will be returning, but if it wasn't, I was totally going to try to participate in the 2600 Pac-Man one. Maybe someday we can get an official 2600 Pac-Man High Score Squad!

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    2. RickR


      If anyone else wants to join, contact @HDN or me for a link.  We've got 4 gamers enjoying Pac Man level 6 this weekend.


    3. Justin


      There's a reason we have Moderators and structured events.

    4. HDN


      2600 Pac-Man via Discord was fun! Thanks to all who played. It was unfortunate that we were unable to do it here, but it was fun doing it on another platform. Hey, at least it happened in the first place! 

  10. Has it ever had a home release or be included in any compilation? Taito
  11. This game indirectly led to one of biggest gaming franchises of all time. Ep 715: Yoshi (Game Boy)
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