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  1. Bummer, I am now getting the warning again on my desktop using chrome for the forums in general
  2. Good news: for the first time in awhile, I was able to get the forums on my desktop without the warning. However trying to go to this thread triggered it, so I had to come to this thread on my phone.
  3. Yo Adrian! I did it! I made it into a Two-Mega Cartridge! Ep 591: Rocky (SMS)
  4. Who ya gonna call? Ep 590: Ghostbusters (SMS)
  5. Found these awesome G1 Transformer bag clips at Dollar Tree!
  6. With winter officially here, I give you 10 Atari 2600/7800 games to pay during winter.
  7. My latest pickups videos includes Black Friday mini arcade deals, Walmart clearance finds, Atari 8 bit games & more!
  8. Master System Month continues with this early space shooter: Ep 589: Astro Warrior
  9. Not sure why, but it's gotten worse for me. Now I am seeing the warning everywhere on the forum when using Chrome on my desktop.
  10. 1,215,100, Level 61 Tried a new capture device for this one, so I can record straight into my computer rather than using a DVD.
  11. Guess what? I just did my first game review for the original Game Boy! Ep 584: Alleyway (Game Boy)
  12. FYI - I am still getting the warning for every thread in the High Score Squadron section.
  13. Welcome LS! I'm a Lions fan, but I don't mind rooting for the Viks when it comes to other teams in the division (not a fan of the Bears or icky GB).
  14. Shooting guys into water towers! Ep 583: Human Cannonball (Atari 2600)
  15. I was really excited to find this K.I.T.T. at my local Walmart.
  16. Checking out the Grumobile by Hot Wheels.
  17. Taking the Hot Wheels Spider Mobile out for a test drive
  18. If you didn't know already, I started reviewing Atari 8-bit games. Here's my first review! Ep 582: Popeye
  19. Recently I did a Retro Swap Box for my long term supporters. Now you can see what was in the box when it was sent out, and what was in it when it returned to No Swear Manor.
  20. Trying to stay warm out in the cold. Ep 581: Frostbite (Atari 2600)
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