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  1. Here's the new collection I will be starting:
  2. Really thrilled with this months Retro Game Treasure box.
  3. I bought a $40 grab bag of NES games off of Ebay. Here's what I got & what it's really worth.
  4. It's Morphin Time! In this video I look at the 2021 Re-Release of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tiger Handheld Game.
  5. Looks like I overlooked sharing this game review too. Fitting, since it's for an overlooked port of a popular arcade game. Ep 730: Paperboy (Master System)
  6. Woops! Looks like I forgot to share this Evercade game review when I originally posted it. Ep 728: Interplay Collection 2
  7. I'm giving away a new Tiger Handheld & NSG card pack, and a new High Score Challenge has begun over in my Discord server. Details in the video:
  8. I had no idea this one was worth so much. Ep 733: 3 Ninjas Kick Back (Genesis)
  9. Checking out a $5 Handheld from Five Below:
  10. Going live with my attempt Best from the stream: 49,000, which you can see around the 25 minute mark.
  11. I did some math to figure out when the Intellivision Amico will really be released (hint: it's not in 2021)
  12. Excited to open my September box from Video Games Monthly!
  13. My latest review features a sport rarely seen in video games. Ep 732: Racquetball (Atari 2600)
  14. My latest review covers a game that helped introduce a gaming franchise to the US. Ep 731: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
  15. I bought $100 of mystery NES games off of Ebay. Here's what I got.
  16. My newest review covers an arcade port on the NES. Ep 729: Paperboy
  17. Reviewing one of the best third-party games on the Sega Genesis. Ep 727: Castlevania Bloodlines
  18. I just got my August mystery game box from Video Games Monthly!
  19. Checking out some 1983 Topps The A-Team trading cards!
  20. Ep 726: Namco Museum Collection 2 (Evercade)
  21. In this video, I open a 2008 hobby box of Donruss Americana II, and pull the autograph of a TV legend!
  22. Don't know if I can come anywhere near to 800k (wow), but I'm going to try to live stream it in a few minutes. I put the link here, so you may be able to watch it live in the thread. Final Best Score from the Stream: 128,280
  23. Ep 725: Pat Riley Basketball (Genesis)
  24. Ep 724: Atari Collection 2 (Evercade)
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