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Primal Rage - Memories

Clint Thompson

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What are some of your memories surrounding Primal Rage?




For me, the most significant memory I have is the Primal Rage arcade machine in the back of a roller skating rink that used to exist growing up. which would eventually burn down to the ground years later, quite literally. Out of the handful of machines they had there, Primal Rage always stood out and got the most play. I think they also had a sit-down Pole Position machine but Primal Rage obviously took the cake being the time frame. I don't think it ever got seriously heated or competitive but it was good fun and I still think the arcade is the best version.


Another one being when I picked up the CD version for the Jaguar CD at KB-Toys and it was priced at $29, shortly after Atari had pulled the plug on the Jaguar completely. I remember the originally retailing for $69 so it was hard for me to pass up at a paltry $29 new, boxed and sitting on the shelf for quite a while just waiting for me to pick it up. I didn't like the JagCD version nearly as much as others, loading times were painfully slow and by the time I ended up selling it years later, I got about $80 for it - nearly 3 times the price I originally paid! Fetches even more coin today than that.

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I loved the arcade version and first snapped it up for home in '95 on the Jaguar CD. I loved the giant monster films as a kid and was pumped to have a fighting game where prehistoric(ish) gods battled for supremacy of Urth. It's the same reason that I'm a huge fan of Rampage and Rampage World Tour. The gameplay is not particularly deep and it hasn't held up very well but is still good for a few rounds and - if you can pull them off - Chaos' disgusting urination and flatulence moves. The Jaguar CD version is a decent port that fits somewhere in the middle of its contemporaries. It makes great use of the pro-controller and is probably my favorite fighter on the system.


I've always wanted to play the unreleased sequel. It was a surprise that Atari Games pulled the plug given the popularity of the original.

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I know I have a box in storage of old PC software (circa 1995 from when i worked at Office Depot) and this is one of the titles in there. I never had a strong enough computer to try it on back then so it just sat there.


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Dinosaurs vs Apes.  What else needs to be said?  It was a great fighting game, but really good with 2 players.  I remember a lot of laughs with friends on this.  I had the Genesis version at home too, and that wasn't quite as good as the arcade...but still fun.

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