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Early Star Wars trailer


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I'm pretty sure this was the trailer I saw in theaters, somewhere in '76, in a lifetime far, far away.


Yes, knowing what I know today that the upcoming score which, after having seen the movie a few too many times in as short a time possible, would account for at least 50% of my general impression that this movie was the Best Movie That Will Ever Exist...

well yeah, it colors my views on this, today (as most comments on this confirm).


But relatively speaking, this blew my sci-fi-addled mind into pieces, whenever I caught this teaser on the big screen that year.

No words could convey the emotions, in the school yard to befuddled friends old and new, as I attempted to reach them with the ultimate "No! You don't understand! This will change your life!!!", from these mere two minutes of unfinished cinema.


It was...effective.


Later, as the sci-fi appeal revealed itself a space fantasy, a medieval tale of scoundrels, heroes, mysterious legends and gold-plated or furry sidekicks, a wonderful concoction that won us over with every frame of its big screen experience...well, you could point at that teaser and see most of it (minus the uplifting soundtrack which became as much a part of the movie as the characters themselves).


At this point in my life, I have seen Star Wars (no Ep:This or That...it was just: Star. Wars.) too often to revisit without my inner child feeling slightly queasy.

But seeing this trailer, with its innocent calling to us nascent fans, is almost as thrilling in the recall to that anticipation, and the burst of excitement that followed.


It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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