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  1. stuff I put in , last moment 7800 cart added, I knew @RickR would geek-out on the Bowling bag & Combat Manuals (3 different revisions)
  2. Yep thems iz pinballs, they have quite a few plays on them 1,147 roughly , I am the guilty one that placed them in there if you hadn't guessed already, now you ust need a whole machine to go with it 😉
  3. Great pic of some great picks ! I only had to repack the box once and that was for the photo-shoot of what I put in. although I did have a practice box before @Atari Creep showed up. I did require for him to have the box sealed specifically for the "mental anguish" aspect of the exercise. we also had a great laugh on the phone about what you find on the floor AFTER you seal the box. How many time did you pack & repack the box ? What numbers are the @nosweargamer 's card packs ? I almost passed on the one I grabbed not being any kind of sports fan. but opened it up and had other great cards in there that I wasn't expecting. I did smell the cards & they didn't smell like the bubble-gum that was included. It's been quite awhile since I opened a pack of cards, is smelling the cards still "a thing"? I'm looking forward to @RickR receiving it to see what gets thrown at him.
  4. Sent the box out this morning and it is still in great shape your diligence is Paying off @RickR Yeah that was fun ! Combat , Air-Sea Battle, Suuround, co-op Space Invaders
  5. Got the hand-off from @Atari Creep , unpacked & reloaded The stuff I took out: INTV Demon Attack INTV Donkey Kong w/manual Atari 7800 manuals for Robotron, Ms. Pac-man & Centipede Arcade Classic Defender cab w/ manual TMNT tiki-mug Genisis homebrews Spatterhouse 1&2 ? & Splatterhouse 3 GBA DK Country 2 Frogger PnP Atari Blast HDMI PnP & a little love note from @Atari Creep .... (we can figger something out for the box ) a "Creep it Real" button .... (better than a sticker 'cause I'll wear it :) ) a "Macabre Mini" Jason Vorehee Hockey Mask magnet Mad Magazine Mario Super Show DVD https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096707/ a Mario & Cappy Amiibo with the cardboard thing to scan ? (it was in one of the manuals :D ) some Funspot tokens https://www.funspotnh.com/ and lastly lucky number 13 Baseball card pack from @nosweargamer Oh yeah a Toosie-Pop & and an In and Out sticker
  6. Fortunately I can "read typo" and one rules I have is to never let a good typo go to waist 😉
  7. Awesome ! I love the "Creep it Real" sticker. I should have this tomorrow afternoon,(Saturday) Sunday I have a "birthday dinner" for one of my nephews but should beable to get it out Monday to @socrates63 The way that box looks it might be tough to stuff what I have ..but that's the way it ALWAYS is !!!!
  8. hmmmm, at first glance I thought my 7800 had a shutter door on the console but it doesn't. I then determined the pokey-stabbers are to prevent an attempt to insert the carts upside down and damage the PCB.
  9. Heh, That ole' thing ? yeah sales kiosk demonstrator unit I'm looking for the original boards & a placard for the control panel on the cheap 😉 All my other carts are "Atari Corp." or "Atari Corporation" I forget the story of the release of the 7800, I think it was officially released in 1986 and the '84 release was being test marketed or something.
  10. Interesting , I never thunk of what the "launch titles" were. Another feature these have is under the label there are no holes aligned with the pokey-stabbers that open the shutter door on the consoles cart-slot I do have cib launch titles for the 2600 😉
  11. I was chit'n-chattin' with @HDN about 7800 carts with the dust cover / or "shutter doors" as I call them and about where you personally acquired variouse items. My 1984 Pole Position I think was my original cart from BITD , It also features the spring loaded shutter door that Atari 2600 carts had but a wider slot for the 7800 PCB I have 7 of these things now as I would specificall seek them out for awhile and figgered I snap a quick pic. The machine under it is a friends that I got mechanically going for them, a Gottlieb Wild Life feel free to share your eyecandy & stories
  12. 9580 Was the first game I played tonight, subsequent games yielded lower scores.
  13. 😇 https://www.wikihow.com/Secretly-Open-a-Sealed-Envelope 😇
  14. I don't think "the line" actually formed yet , we're all just milling about .... I think I still need to shoot you a text or a call or something. Some Pinball kinda happening in Everette Ma. Covid restrictions there makes it less fun but glad stuff is happening anyways. How far you from Dover NH ?
  15. This stuff works pretty good: https://www.scotchbrand.com/3M/en_US/scotch-brand/products/catalog/~/Scotch-Reinforced-Strength-Shipping-Strapping-Tape/?N=4335+3294529207+3294580311&rt=rud In the image you're NOT supposed to reveal any of the contents of the box !!!! ... also I dunno what free weights have to do with retro gaming, you can mash buttons pretty good with "buggy-whip arms"
  16. Glad you got 'em all ! I didn't know "GORF" was an acronym and glad your dad has a recollection of it from BITD. I don't know what the story is with the tape on Food Fight so I guess one will have to be made-up. I'm thinking something along the line of keeping the food fresh, perhaps it''l have its own thread 😉
  17. I guess I missed the initial announcement , I guess the name change FROM "Retro junk box" may have been a factor .... I would participate as I have in the past and hopefully another "bump" will gin-up some more interest
  18. looks at some youtube videos, see if there is something missing like a ribbon cable ect. do some voltage checks here & there http://www.intvfunhouse.com/faq/intv_faq7.php suggests trouble with a power circuit Soldering does take a lot of practice but the biggest thing is to have good equipment .. well one of the things anyways Practice on what I call "cadavers" stuff you don't really care about. My early work is just terrible. now I'm confident on pinball circuit boards (I haven't got to the surface mount stuff yet so that still scares me) The equipment I got I asked for as Christmas & Birthday gifts and used them for my hobby, I have repaired other peoples pinball but AS A HOBBY (boy is that ever nerve wracking)
  19. When I was 8 or 9 there was no Internet.
  20. I busted out laughing at "Lets go balls to the walls" the Pong battery eliminators output 6V DC .... a single battery is 1.5V time four = 6V you Atari adapter may damage it as you suspect great find and thanks for sharing a good couple games ... that last one was close !!!!
  21. chas10e

    Yaay! It's here!

    That's the beauty of the Squad Challenges. you start off kinda ~meh~ then you improve develop a few tricks & share with the group. PPii does have a brake that can be useful 😉 it was also the pack-in game that came with the 7800 system so your experience will be like "back-in-the-day" Congrats I do have a dupe "Food Fight" some clear tape on the label that make it look a bit rough, shoot me a PM if interested
  22. If your in good with your local game store guy I say support his buisness ... there are a LOT of good ones ..... they usually test the system and want their customers to have a good experience. they usually have some kind of warranty (other than the curb & gutter warrenty .... meaning when it hits the curb you got 'er) You could prolly haggle for a 2'nd controller tossed in if available .... good for a multiplayer asteroids .... Is Asteroids a 2 button game ?
  23. lol @ ""PainLine controllers"" if you hold it with the stick vertical like the cx-10/cx-40 Atari sticks then yeah incredible pain in your wrists working the buttons with a thumb and another finger. If you have the stick horizontal your hand is in a more natural position and much less pain. There is also the "phelonic ball mod" that shortens the stick so there is less leverage being forced upon the hand holding the controller. While searching for a system. make sure it includes a working power supply as it's has an odd proprietary connector.
  24. I edited above post striking out a line, games 2 & 3 are actually "single player games" I will still keep my eye out for the proper blades.
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