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  1. Nice pinball collection. a couple machines there I hadn't played yet. The baseball game you got for free was a "Pitch & Bat" game, one button will pitch the ball the other works the bat, normally one isn't filming with a camera in one hand so easier to play :P Probably the reason I hadn't been there is I don't wanna pay admission to the park to then pay for each game I wanna play. that & the last time I went to an amusement park I was getting woozy on some of the rides & didn't wanna be "that guy" blowing lunch on the other guests. if I ever come across a free Centipede I'll know who wants one
  2. I didn't get "the memo" but I did get all the cool schwag I was able to select. and as the- @Atari Creep described the "fake boobies" as they will now forever be called. Thanks again @StormSurge
  3. if I'm next I snag Max Payne 3 for 360 and I guess @RickR is up looks to be my last pick as well what's the next step? I do have some stuff from the 2600 cib wishlist I'll be back later this evening to check in but gatta jet right now :)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhm1zZAaFsQ
  5. I decided to choose one, seemed to be my trend the last 3 picks .... I guess I skimmed over who bailed from the list
  6. oh looks like back to @nosweargamer then @Atari Creep thanks NSG for helping with the list & whatnot
  7. I grab Combat for 2600 kinda hope is a picture label , it IS one of my favorite games ( and one of my nephews hates it )
  8. I guess one pick this round as well: Phineas & Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff (360) & thanks for the cool stuff :D @RickR
  9. my Donkey Kong Jr.  (2600) could use an upgrade as it's pretty shabby & is (NES) Gauntlet still available ? iIf not I'll "pass 'em ( a phrase we use in Catan when others agree to NOT trade with you any of their resources :P think it goes to @nosweargamer
  10. alrghty then: "Cars" (xb360) & " Lego Indiana Jones " (xb360) @RickR-b-next I concur
  11. chas10e

    My newish car

    "the new Bluesmobile" I'd say, nice looking ride
  12. I ain't ever played it & one I don't have already
  13. okies, Kool Aid Man (A2600) & Elevator Action (NES) is @nosweargamer next then @Atari Creep then @Mr Toon ?
  14. alrighty I go with the Arcade Controller Lightswitch , the sound went out on mine (yes I changed the battery :P ) @RickR I think is next
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