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  1. 1071 was the best I could do for this challenge. missed the last boulder by half a pixel
  2. The suspense is killing me !!!!

  3. I noticed the "Chatbox" thing before I saw this post ..... w00t-w00t
  4. I concur: I can see the difficulty settings are set correctly Once you have a successful hit on a boulder you don't need to fire again until a new plane enters the screen. If you don't fire for a given screen , you will lose some precious health Welcome to the Site \o/ Willie did a good review of both this & the arcade version
  5. can't figger out how to reply to Canyon bomber thread figgered out how to post an image but no BB code link on gallery page -or- here in a new forum post [img=http://forums.atari.io/index.php?/gallery/image/203-canyon-bomber-g1-db-353/] Happy Thanksgiving to all and glad that site is working .... now GET OFF MY LAWN oh wait .... other options ... down below drag & drop sweet
  6. 672 Yeah a 7800 crossed my mind as well .... in this game , if right difficulty on"b" YOU can re-press the button to launch a new bomb. , (if on "a" you have to wait till bomb hits the ground) If left difficulty on "b" the computer will NOT lose health if they miss blocks (their health meter will blip but will ALWAYS be equal to your health status) On my 7800 both difficulty switches were to the left position
  7. 696 I don't think you had BOTH difficulty switches set to "B" When the left difficulty is set to "a" and the computer misses he loses some health like in the arcade version. Guess I STOLE HIS thunder