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  1. 23,930 it wasn't this run but happened last night, I was messing with some headphones & Tom Pettys' song "Running Down a Dream" song came on , I was thinking ""This it totally Grand Theft Asteroids ""
  2. 19,980 with a Starplex controller 'cause of THIS post , I thought the "astroblast" button on my Starplex controller would work ... it doesn't Anyways I used the Starplex controller as I was getting phantom-hyperspace shots using the Wico thing on my rig. I was also getting unwanted hyperspace jumps with a rebuilt cx-40 (with cx-10 clicky board inside ) I could have managed with that but I wasn't trying to make "The Kessel Run"
  3. nicly done 😉 ... I had the game loaded up on the last night played one & it was getting late so I didn't improve my score. Yeah it looks like the only video posted. I thought about leaving the room like you had if there was an undesirable enemy pattern. My last game , I cleared the room and exited and the hallway enemy was right on top of me, I couldn't sneak back in the room 😠 ... it did give me a few moments before I died but still 😠 All the images of score are photographs of screens as opposed to a screen capture if you were playing say in Stella on a PC This score IS IN the high score forum, I knew all them zeros before my score were there for a reason
  4. I think of it posting your personal best & progress I'll post a score as long as it was higher than MY previously posted score ( I was hoping to beet @RickR to the 10k mark .. well anyone actually I did notice an oddity .... someone is mushing teh fruit
  5. First I've heard of it myself , the homebrewers always do a great job !!! They usually have a way to disable the background music as they know some people like to sneek a few games in in the middle of everybody sleeping :P You can still pretend it's Berzerk but as you play as Evil Otto & are allowed to touch the walls ( Did anyone else think they were playing as him? -or- was it just me )
  6. 8,100 Reading the manual did help 😉 I JUST noticed the two zeros to the left of my score ... man I gatta loooong way to go :p
  7. 3700 I thought I had a physical copy of this but I don't , didin't wanna do Stella or a flashback & was like "wait I haz a Harmony" looking on the bay for a cib dunno if I wanna go Coleco or Atari-Red ....so many indecision's !!!!
  8. Congrats @RickR & thanks again for hosting @nosweargamer. the last 3 challenges were fun to follow along and to casually participate in.
  9. Yep ... great music ! I forgot to mention is was made by Gottlieb 🤢
  10. You got me on the "lurker" portion of the poll ... but I dunno how to vote that I was here. I haven't done any retro computing and mostly into tournament physical pinball now but Atari I.O. is my homepage when I start my PC (which is getting to be somewhat retro by now) this thread came up in the recent Topics on the home forum page. I do read the various threads but don't feel I personally have anything substantially to add to the T.I. boards. but as I'm out & about should someone bring it up in a conversation I would lead them here.
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