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  1. When I was 8 or 9 there was no Internet.
  2. I busted out laughing at "Lets go balls to the walls" the Pong battery eliminators output 6V DC .... a single battery is 1.5V time four = 6V you Atari adapter may damage it as you suspect great find and thanks for sharing a good couple games ... that last one was close !!!!
  3. chas10e

    Yaay! It's here!

    That's the beauty of the Squad Challenges. you start off kinda ~meh~ then you improve develop a few tricks & share with the group. PPii does have a brake that can be useful 😉 it was also the pack-in game that came with the 7800 system so your experience will be like "back-in-the-day" Congrats I do have a dupe "Food Fight" some clear tape on the label that make it look a bit rough, shoot me a PM if interested
  4. If your in good with your local game store guy I say support his buisness ... there are a LOT of good ones ..... they usually test the system and want their customers to have a good experience. they usually have some kind of warranty (other than the curb & gutter warrenty .... meaning when it hits the curb you got 'er) You could prolly haggle for a 2'nd controller tossed in if available .... good for a multiplayer asteroids .... Is Asteroids a 2 button game ?
  5. lol @ ""PainLine controllers"" if you hold it with the stick vertical like the cx-10/cx-40 Atari sticks then yeah incredible pain in your wrists working the buttons with a thumb and another finger. If you have the stick horizontal your hand is in a more natural position and much less pain. There is also the "phelonic ball mod" that shortens the stick so there is less leverage being forced upon the hand holding the controller. While searching for a system. make sure it includes a working power supply as it's has an odd proprietary connector.
  6. I edited above post striking out a line, games 2 & 3 are actually "single player games" I will still keep my eye out for the proper blades.
  7. I opened mine up to take a peek and I don't envy you at all. I do have some switch blades that may work out for you but will have to be worked. The hole spacing me be an issue on the longer blades I have. some info can be found here http://www.planetarypinball.com/reference/partsmanuals/WMS_Parts_1974-1975/index.html#/50/ if interested for the parts shoot me a PM & I'll toss 'em in an envelope for ya's
  8. I haven't had the need to completely take apart my Coleco Combat. but I did successfully remove the handles by heating them up with a hair dryer and a LOT of even pressure ( I think I just used the thumb knuckles as fulcrum ) spade connectors for the buttons I am not sure how the spring mechanisms work A great game with another player all hunched-up next to one another. I think game #4 is the robot controlled black tank. You just have to stay out of "The Abyss" which is is beyond the border down bottom where no matter what you do you can't drive out of there. My now 13 yr old nephew likes to hit the reset button before I reach the game winning shot. but if HE is about to acheive the game winning shot we sort of wrestle for the button.
  9. First Congrats to @Scott Stilphen I tried all the extended day & couldn't even reach my previous score & then he sand-bagged in one more to top his own .... nicly done :D @RickR - Jr posted a score as well putting squad players up to 13 for this challenge and was also good to have Ms. @greenween along as well Get well ... don't really wanna ask what happened -BUT- you always tell a great story 🙂 Try it with the trak-ball ... I haven't tried "the paddle" mod yet but prolly make SB5200 much more enjoyable Most importantly ..... what is that console is that real wood ?
  10. Welcome to "The Squad" @Gianna 🙂 I generally hit the launch button right away out of frustration from losing a ball. I did have to leave the game once between balls and the screen went in color-shift mode but hitting the launch button picked the game up from where I left off. It's easy to burn through 5 balls in this game ... even though they are square.
  11. Yeah when you go around the screen 6 times & the ball won't hit it then ya gatta risk using the bottom paddle to try & get a different loop.
  12. 3369 \o/ You could first super glue them bits in to get the "D" back then fill outer cavities with hot-melt glue (or play-doh or epoxy
  13. 2459 A thing I was curious about happened this game .... cleared a screen with 2 balls in play, hoping one would be trapped above the bricks (that wouldn't have happened in this instance anyways) ... when the bricks reset one of the 2 balls I had in play got disappeared. So I guess no more than 3 balls on the screen at one time.
  14. 1964 New personal best I suppose, I started screwing up by looking at my score during play 🙄 .... just hitting one point blocks at the time made it even worse I was inspired by trying to break the 2k mark ..... great score @greenween
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