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  1. How about modifying an extension cable to accept the nubs ? https://console5.com/store/atari-sega-commodore-6-1-8m-joystick-controller-extension-cable-cord.html
  2. There was a dedicated Bosconian at Funspot NH until they updated the mini-golf & family area. I imagine it is safely stored away and will ask about it the next opportunity I have to visit up there. The Namco Museum Plug-in-play ("yellow & purple thing) is limited by a 4-way joystick The Homebrew is pretty awesome. @RickR snagged one for me when it was first releaced
  3. Well I did give it a bit of a go but, 1, my scores were so abysmal I never snapped a pic. Barley cleared the first screen. Then I found myself busy with other projects that the time slipped away without my notice. Congrats to @kamakazi20012 & runner up @RickR a big thanks to @Justin for these squad challenges for the opportunity for me to discover why I hate this game. and to@Atari Creep you's be welcome to come by & play it at my place if you ever head up North a bit. mebbe give me some pointers :)
  4. I snagged that "51 Blackjack" I *~coughs~* needed ... I'll have to go through my dupes & see if you need anything
  5. Is the end label still attached to the Video Olympics ? is it numbered? ... I have ;em all boxed & need 3 more numbered ones , I know when to get one of the others I need ( I use the word "need" loosely) leaving to locate the last one ( I actually have the dupe one I need but they have a box and my OCD won't let me separate them from the box. 🛄
  6. Great job Kid A , I tried & tried at the last moments to reach your score but couldn't do it. Was a fun squad challenge. great game
  7. Took me a LOT of tries ... I did discover if you just let the plane fly high & bump birds the game ends at the 5:00.00 mark :P
  8. 1:13.74 Finally was able to beet Ricks score ... like Sully I may have gotten a couple of bird-strikes
  9. 1:40.12 I bought this game cib a good few months ago but never played it. needed a bit of q-tipping my first score wasn't as good but here it is. 2:07.08 I thought you got points for going over a windmill
  10. 1071 was the best I could do for this challenge. missed the last boulder by half a pixel
  11. The suspense is killing me !!!!

  12. I noticed the "Chatbox" thing before I saw this post ..... w00t-w00t
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