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  1. stuff I put in , last moment 7800 cart added, I knew @RickR would geek-out on the Bowling bag & Combat Manuals (3 different revisions)
  2. Yep thems iz pinballs, they have quite a few plays on them 1,147 roughly , I am the guilty one that placed them in there if you hadn't guessed already, now you ust need a whole machine to go with it 😉
  3. Great pic of some great picks ! I only had to repack the box once and that was for the photo-shoot of what I put in. although I did have a practice box before @Atari Creep showed up. I did require for him to have the box sealed specifically for the "mental anguish" aspect of the exercise. we also had a great laugh on the phone about what you find on the floor AFTER you seal the box. How many time did you pack & repack the box ? What numbers are the @nosweargamer 's card packs ? I almost passed on the one I grabbed not being any kind of sports fan. but opened it up and had other great cards in there that I wasn't expecting. I did smell the cards & they didn't smell like the bubble-gum that was included. It's been quite awhile since I opened a pack of cards, is smelling the cards still "a thing"? I'm looking forward to @RickR receiving it to see what gets thrown at him.
  4. Sent the box out this morning and it is still in great shape your diligence is Paying off @RickR Yeah that was fun ! Combat , Air-Sea Battle, Suuround, co-op Space Invaders
  5. Got the hand-off from @Atari Creep , unpacked & reloaded The stuff I took out: INTV Demon Attack INTV Donkey Kong w/manual Atari 7800 manuals for Robotron, Ms. Pac-man & Centipede Arcade Classic Defender cab w/ manual TMNT tiki-mug Genisis homebrews Spatterhouse 1&2 ? & Splatterhouse 3 GBA DK Country 2 Frogger PnP Atari Blast HDMI PnP & a little love note from @Atari Creep .... (we can figger something out for the box ) a "Creep it Real" button .... (better than a sticker 'cause I'll wear it :) ) a "Macabre Mini" Jason Vorehee Hockey Mask magnet Mad Magazine Mario Super Show DVD https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096707/ a Mario & Cappy Amiibo with the cardboard thing to scan ? (it was in one of the manuals :D ) some Funspot tokens https://www.funspotnh.com/ and lastly lucky number 13 Baseball card pack from @nosweargamer Oh yeah a Toosie-Pop & and an In and Out sticker
  6. Fortunately I can "read typo" and one rules I have is to never let a good typo go to waist 😉
  7. Awesome ! I love the "Creep it Real" sticker. I should have this tomorrow afternoon,(Saturday) Sunday I have a "birthday dinner" for one of my nephews but should beable to get it out Monday to @socrates63 The way that box looks it might be tough to stuff what I have ..but that's the way it ALWAYS is !!!!
  8. hmmmm, at first glance I thought my 7800 had a shutter door on the console but it doesn't. I then determined the pokey-stabbers are to prevent an attempt to insert the carts upside down and damage the PCB.
  9. Heh, That ole' thing ? yeah sales kiosk demonstrator unit I'm looking for the original boards & a placard for the control panel on the cheap 😉 All my other carts are "Atari Corp." or "Atari Corporation" I forget the story of the release of the 7800, I think it was officially released in 1986 and the '84 release was being test marketed or something.
  10. Interesting , I never thunk of what the "launch titles" were. Another feature these have is under the label there are no holes aligned with the pokey-stabbers that open the shutter door on the consoles cart-slot I do have cib launch titles for the 2600 😉
  11. I was chit'n-chattin' with @HDN about 7800 carts with the dust cover / or "shutter doors" as I call them and about where you personally acquired variouse items. My 1984 Pole Position I think was my original cart from BITD , It also features the spring loaded shutter door that Atari 2600 carts had but a wider slot for the 7800 PCB I have 7 of these things now as I would specificall seek them out for awhile and figgered I snap a quick pic. The machine under it is a friends that I got mechanically going for them, a Gottlieb Wild Life feel free to share your eyecandy & stories
  12. 9580 Was the first game I played tonight, subsequent games yielded lower scores.
  13. 😇 https://www.wikihow.com/Secretly-Open-a-Sealed-Envelope 😇
  14. I don't think "the line" actually formed yet , we're all just milling about .... I think I still need to shoot you a text or a call or something. Some Pinball kinda happening in Everette Ma. Covid restrictions there makes it less fun but glad stuff is happening anyways. How far you from Dover NH ?
  15. This stuff works pretty good: https://www.scotchbrand.com/3M/en_US/scotch-brand/products/catalog/~/Scotch-Reinforced-Strength-Shipping-Strapping-Tape/?N=4335+3294529207+3294580311&rt=rud In the image you're NOT supposed to reveal any of the contents of the box !!!! ... also I dunno what free weights have to do with retro gaming, you can mash buttons pretty good with "buggy-whip arms"
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