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  1. took this pic awhile ago ...figgered it'd make good wall paper every once inawhile they will fall off the little ledger I have there I look for 'em at thrifts open 'em up the instructions usually have a parts list so I'll take the time too see if it's complete I try and find stuff from the earliest patent of the game (like first editions I guess) ... IMHO ... if it looks old its pretty cool ... my family doesn't alway agree ... I still haven't played my 1934 Monopoly yet ;"( for family gatherings I usually take 4 or 5 games with me. they also have favorites of their own. some winners I brought were "The Amazing Race", "Score Four", "Trouble", "Dynamite Shack" ... they always have a "scabble-off" "Settlers of Catan" ( or just Catan ) is wildly popular the card games like D&D ain't my thing I would like to learn how to play "Go" I have one with the stones & all .... one of these days I guess
  2. I think extended version was made only because people were maxing out the score and I think perhaps it doesn't revert back to zero. I am guessing the extra digit capabilities makes the ROM size much larger than the origonal 2k I dunno the file size of what's on my cart ok the AA store says the filesize is 8k .... NOW the question is .... what's that 2k file that's on your Harmony :P I'm ok with the 1368 score just put an asterix beside it 😉
  3. where did all them extra zero's come from ? ( I hope ya' don't need 'em :P )
  4. 831 wow a shark came outta nowhere while I was trapped between 2 long fishes ... I was a pretty tasty treat for him I have been starting with the difficulty on "B" or beginner as a tiny fish .... I dunno what Default is on Stella but curious to know
  5. 273 I do happen to have the cart & manual game-play: "eat or be eaten" eat fish your size or smaller .... your fish will grow @ 5; 19; 55 & 132 on novice setting avoid jellyfish , electric eels & sharks I am going with this image thinking I had more than one life, hitting the button after death starts a new screen (new score)
  6. from what I understand: the "kill screen" on dedicated arcade games come from the memory on the PCB getting full to a place where the game crashes. in emulation on modern hardware negates that problem. I could be wrong though, if I make it to the 3'rd board on DK I have had one of the best games in my whole life.
  7. Had a terrific Thanksgiving day. Brought the "go-bag" in upstairs to one of the gaming areas of my nieces known as "The schoolroom". Nephew had to get a multi-tap outlet ...yada-de-ya. First cart he wanted to play was "Space Invaders" so I went to level "33" co-operative 2 player mode then progressed up through the variations from there til we got to invisible, wiggly barricades, with doubled & fast wiggly enemy fire. He's been getting into Looney Tunes so I brought "Taz" & had some good rounds of that. later in the evening he brought me a Spiderman PnP he found while cleaning the basement or something that needed the battery tray cleaned. So we used ""SCIENCE"" white vineger & q-tips away from all the food washing hands afterwards. had to steal batteries outta the xb360 controllers played some boardgames, food, movie theater (Joker) And now on to the portion we call "Thanks-feasting" next 3 days of leftovers more boardgames, videogames ping-pong, Foosball
  8. I'm thankful for this thread staring my day. (with a cuppa coffee :D ) I'm thankful for the hobbies I have and the people I have to share them with. The next 4 days I'll be with family (nieces & nephews) & one of the things I'll have is an Atari I keep in my "go-bag" Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody
  9. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    Yeah that appears to be the original one and very cool, but yeah I was going to recommend using an alliterative power supply like the Genny Model 1 or or something exactly-similar. thanks for the pic even though most everything is written in Japaneses I can tell what the input voltage (100VAC) and output voltage (10VDC) and that the center tip is negative there is also the Amp rating (860mA) heres a pic of a couple OEM Sega power supplies: Both input is 120VAC the output is different one each of them, (9VDC & 10VDC), both center tip negative and the amp rating is 1.2A (or1200mA) so they will "handle the load" this thing in the yellow box may work as well: it is rated at 850mA as well
  10. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    all power supplies have and INPUT voltage rating and an OUTPUT voltage rating can you post a clear pic of the power supply you have with this info ?
  11. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    from this: https://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=6933.0 if it's an original power supply from Japan you would need an adapter DO NOT use an origonal NES power supply as it outputs 10V AC ( not DC power ) great wright-up on power supplies in above link and looks like a neat little unit you have there
  12. chas10e

    eBay Finds

    yeah RF cable connector on bolf ends , theres a fine tuning pot in there to tinker with as well
  13. this may ( or may not) be the lamps for the sign ... got the # from nintendoage SYLVANIA 20284 https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/6284/FC13-S13078.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsfujmea95QIVJYNaBR3o7QEPEAAYASAAEgLfbvD_BwE I'm not sure if the ballast would be ok or not , got a picture of that ?
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