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  1. Heh, I didn't know Astroblast could be played with paddles as well. it's a LOT better that way !!!! I always tried with a joystick .... needless to say much less "joy"
  2. I got my Artfair poster in and old windowpane I rescued.
  3. Yeah paddle games are some of my favorites , a 2'nd set and you can play 4 player Warlords (some reason my nephews like it better than Midevil Mayhem) For cleaning the paddles I usually reference "Slowcoders guide" on Atari age https://atariage.com/forums/topic/184296-slowcoders-guide-to-cleaning-up-your-2600/?do=findComment&comment=2316794 Specifically what console are you playing on ? original hardware or a flashback unit ?
  4. Todd Fry's 2600 Pac-Man was quite the technical achievement FOR THE TIME. (and he's still rightfully proud of it) There is a newer 2600 Pac-Man that is both closer to the arcade version & is flicker free. I haven't looked into Defender/Stargate to see if they drew the ship & the missiles at the same time to eliminate flicker. I hadn't really ever played WOW
  5. Yeah I don't think any Atari games came with any seizure- warnings and THIS probably would be a good thread to list them. I would think the end of Missile Command may be problematic but isn't a constant part of the game. https://www.epsyhealth.com/seizure-epilepsy-blog/video-games-and-seizure-safety I would imagine with some sort of list, someone who codes can hack the game to remove the problematic elements of the game & perhaps replace the effect with something that would equally be a "reward" for defeating the Quotile in the example of Yar's Revenge.
  6. I usually just use 90% rubbing alcohol and q-tips until a clean q-tip pretty much stays clean. I'll do the first swab on the edge connector itself then with the dirty q-tip swab out the othe schmeg whatever it may be around inside the port , same with the 2'nd q-tip ect. the 7800 shells with shutter doors just open with a push but the 2600 carts shutter doors have a catch that needs to be released. At THIS post, I realized the "pokey-stabbers" on the 7800 console prehaps serve a dual purpose as to enable the opening of the door on a 2600 cart for backward-compatibility I have used "Wright' Copper Clean" on some really dirty Activision carts in the past and did great job. It basically made a junk cart useable.
  7. yeah the reset & game start switch have a wider base with a spring inside, I just happened to have a 4 switch board loose ( I forget why) anyways there is prolly a seperate file someone already made for that the foil is some kind of shielding and duct work silver tape would prolly do the job And yeah they the same switches on a heavy sixer imma put a 3d printer on my birthday wish list 'cause I NEED atleast one more thing in my apartment 😉
  8. I had thought this was similar to the official " Creep Cover"
  9. I would think if NES games are listed as "tested & working" means whomever selling was blowing profusely into the cart slot & licking the edge-connector until the thing booted at-least ONCE. If listed as "untested" they may have tried the above but didn't boot -or- it was in a shoebox they found in the attic that's been there for 20+ years with no contact at all Even though you want to play your much anticipated new game, my advice would be to not do the above right out of the mailing package. Great tips from the other members here the USPS Web site is a good start on recommendations for your safety & your loved-ones https://www.cdc.gov/hai/prevent/environment/surfaces.html https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html#How-COVID-19-Spreads Welcome to Atari I/O
  10. another solution ..... . . . . . . . . . . . .
  11. I did post a higher score but doesn't really affect the standings , I'd still be in 7'th place :) The "format" used for posting a score was off by me in placing it at the end of a post as opposed to the top line of the post is a fault Great job everybody & welcome to all the new members
  12. Yeah there is a muscle memory thing associated with the nudging with the button and you can figger out just about exactly how far you can nudge without tilting. The benefit of how the tiltb-ob work in this game is it "settles" almost instantly the moment you stop moving it :D I would imagine the "lag" has an affect on the ball movement sort of like how people complain about the lag using the Wavebird on the Cube. This is what I wear when I'm out playing pinball, The kitty is my friends cat "Marty" who recovered from some serious illness and some costly injections. The "Marty pin" was produced & sold to help others fund the treatment for their kitty's The pinball machine pin & the sweatshirt was a gift a couple Christmas's ago from my nieces & nephews :)
  13. Great video & score, it was rather odd the on the bonus count the first time on real hardware so I suspect you score may have been higher but the "squad challenges" here are just for fun to revisit games from when us old timers were young and to expose the young fellows to these games. Another great video, I really liked the super short-plung then getting the extra ball off the slingshot right away! the visit from the cat was hilarious as cats & pinball is an "actual thing" Again the "squad challenge" is for fun but for high stakes tournament physical pinball, when possible extra balls are turned off and if an extra ball is earned without the possibility to turn it off after setting up a skill shot it is plunged and hands off so that great players don't marathon the machine. So lets get along to posting more scores, I thought @ZilchSr had a great idea with a clock running as he played so I incorporated one in the event I rolled it 😉 509,077
  14. THOSE AREN'T STAIRS !!!! their "slingshots" https://www.ipdb.org/glossary.php#S And don't tell me the ball is square either 'cause balls ain't square.
  15. I got both lower case & upper case , think I was playing the lower case , I imagine the tilt is a little looser :P
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