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Some Atari 2600 stuff for sale


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I have a buncha stuff for sale. I don't know the best way to price this stuff, so make me an offer. I'd prefer to sell this all in one batch but I don't have to.


Atari 2600 adapter -- I'm sorry, but this is untested. I don't have an Atari 2600 -- I play all my 2600 stuff on a 7800. Everything comes from a clean, nonsmoking environment.


All of the following games, however, have been tested and do work. Pictures are at http://fab4it.com/ogiwip/index.php?/category/1:


The Activision Decathlon - end label has a bit of wear; includes manual
Bermuda Triangle - end label has a tiny bit of wear on corner; includes manual
Bowling - box lid is ripped in one place. Includes box. Graphics label variation.
Combat - CIB - cart has standard text label
Combat - cart only (text label) - slight label damage but otherwise OK
Dodge ‘Em - Cart (gfx label) and box. Bottom of box is slightly caved.
Donkey Kong - Cart and box. Box bottom is caved; side faded; lid ripped in two places; some water damage on the box. Miraculously, the cartridge itself is in immaculate condition.
Dragster - includes manual

Freeway - cart only
Golf - cart (text label) and box. Box bottom is ever so slightly caved.
Haunted House - CIB
Indy 500 - includes driving controller, inner box, manual, and outer box. Outer box is in bad shape. Cart is the text plus number variety for some reason.

Journey Escape - cart and manual. End label is a bit detached; manual slightly warped
Joust - Cart and box. Bottom of box is caved.
Jungle Hunt - CIB. Box bottom is ever so slightly caved.

Jungle Hunt - cart only
Kaboom! - CIB, blue label. Bottom flap on the box is bulging, but otherwise good condition.
Lost Luggage - CIB (cart, manual, Apollo catalog, box). Cartridge in great condition but missing end label. Box has some water damage and is a bit caved in a couple of places. Green variation.
M*A*S*H - cart and manual
Maze Craze - CIB, text label. Box and cart say there are 256 games, manual says 16.
Mouse Trap - cart and box. Box bottom is caved; side faded; slight wear on end label
Omega Race - cart only. end label has a bit of wear            
Pac-Man - CIB. Must have been pack-in for Vader because the box has “Sold with Atari 2600 - Not For Resale” sticker

Pole Position - Cart only. Missing end label. Version *without* the "POLE POSITN" spelling. "Wait, you fool, there's no end label! How would you know?" Well, it's not the version of the cart that has the title on a red stripe, so even the end label were present, it would say "POLE POSITION."
Q*Bert - cart and manual. Label has seen better days; manual is a bit warped.
Raiders of the Lost Ark - cart only. Label has seen better days.
RealSports Baseball - cart and manual
Star Raiders - Includes outer box, cart, cart box, manual, touchpad, touchpad overlay, and AtariForce Vol. 3. (Sorry, no touchpad box.) Outer box has writing on it from when it was used to hold a Christmas present.
Street Racer - Cart and manual. End label is missing and replaced w/custom label. Graphics label.
Super Breakout - CIB. Bottom of box is slightly caved. Wouldn’t recommend this particular cart for use in a 7800, as it’s a very tight fit. Best used in a real 2600. 1987 Multi-language version.
Swordquest Earthworld - cart only
Venture - CIB - Atari red box version
Video Olympics - CIB. Box top is not in great shape; cart is missing end label; otherwise good condition.
Video Pinball - CIB. Box lid has a rip.

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