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I am hoping that I am in the right place to post this.  Knowing that some of us here have the knowledge to repair game consoles I thought it would be a good thing to have one place we can look at to find parts.  The idea is to post links to online websites or even local shops where parts can be located.  The parts could be reconditioned, pulls, or even new parts.  


To start things off I will post a site I found while looking for Nintendo 64 parts.  While this place is bit pricey they do seem to have every part you could think of for the N64.  So...without further ado...



Nintendo 64 Parts



E-Bay search for parts consoles (wholesale)




And, believe it or not, the thumbstick in the N64 controllers can be rebuilt to like-new condition again.


I hope that others with knowledge of where to locate parts will share some of their information to help others.

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