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Does anyone play animal crossing: city folk?


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Yea.  But only one memory card and that game uses all of it.  So I gave up my saved game to have space for other games for a while.  I can't wait to get to play it again.  I don't have the case or manual...just the disc and the memory card that came with it.  When I got it I didn't know anything about Animal Crossing so I didn't think I was losing anything by formatting the memory card.  Opps.

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Well i do know that the animal crossing memory card is on the small side. I tried to play other games on it but it couldnt hold it all.


Funny story me and a friend back in the day would fight over wich was better. I always said animal crossing was better. He always said harvest moon. We didnt talk for a long time because of it. Funny how these games make people feel

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