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Jaguar Pro Controller


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I thought I'd ask for help here.  One of my Pro controllers is having issues with the D-pad and I can't move to the right.  I have opened the controller and cleaned the contacts but that did not fix the issue.  Could there be something wrong with the board?  Any idea if this can be fixed? 

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Do you have another controller you can use to test the port on the Jaguar console?  If so, try that and see if you have the same symptom.  I'd also check the pins on the controller connector to make sure one didn't accidentally get bent.  Last, I would find a way to check each wire from the connector to the inside of the controller for a solid connection.  It is possible that a wire might have went bad...these things are old and wires get brittle.  Those are the elimination steps I can think of to spot the issue.  I would say replace the cord on the controller with another one to see if that helps but I don't want to say replace the cord and it not be the issue.

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