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TI-99/4A Repaired

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Once in a blue moon I drag out the TI-99/4A for some gaming fun. I really don't play it much. Maybe once or twice a year. It's not a system I grew up with and I only have three games for it so I get bored with it quickly.


Last night (Wednesday night) I decided to drag it out for some Burgertime fun. However, when I hooked it up the computer would come on but there was no signal. Further investigation confirmed the RF died. So I began to do some research so I could attempt to make an A/V cable.




To my surprise, the RF end that plugs into the computer could be disassembled. So, I disassembled it.




With soldering iron in hand I removed the old cable from the connector. And I have tons of PS2-style A/V cables I got at auction a long time ago so I sacrificed one and made my own A/V cable. I made sure to cover up the 12 volt pin so there is no chance of any connections coming lose and shorting out.


My TI now performs better than new! I can now play Burgertime and my other two games.




Another saved system...but I'm not going to keep the RF switchbox. It's too janky to mess with. Besides, it looks like someone tried to repair it before because most of the solder points on the on-off switch inside the box are missing.

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