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Programming Questions

Atari 5200 Guy

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Hello Fellow Atarians!!

First of all these questions are not what you might expect.  I'm curious if Atari I/O members would be interested in programming tutorials where they can be on the path to creating their own programs?

Why would you want to program?  Maybe you have a better idea on how an adventure game should be made.  Or maybe you need a way to keep track of your game collection on your Atari computer?  Maybe you think a driving controller would be better to use in Breakout.  You could be the next Michaelangelo of video games or you could make the best game tracking database ever made for the Atari.  The only limitation would be your imagination.

So, how about it?  Any one interested in learning to program?  I'm good with BASIC so I'd most likely do some BASIC tutorials for starters.  

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