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2-Player Battle - Jr. Pac-Man (Atari 2600) - kamakazi20012 vs. Justin

Atari 5200 Guy

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WINNER: kamakazi20012
Jr. Pac-Man
Atari 2600
March 22, 2020

ROUND 1: @Justin
ROUND 2: @kamakazi20012
ROUND 3: @kamakazi20012


Justin and myself took a 2-player battle to the grid.  With the challenge accepted on Jr. Pac-Man for the 2600 using default settings the battle was on for 3 rounds.  Playing Jr. Pac-Man on the 2600 in a 2-player battle is not an easy task because each player not only has to try to beat the other player but they also have to be completely focused on the game itself because Junior is one of the most unforgiving fast-paced games on the 2600.  This was a lot of fun, Justin, and I hope we can do this again soon. 

I'm ready for another challenge!  Any takers?  

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