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  1. I believe I made it to 47,000 points...Stage 6. I played the heck out of this game when it first came out and then some other game came along and this one sort of became forgot about. I don't remember half of what I've seen in this game. I'm going to have to do a few practice runs I guess.
  2. I loved everything about Star Fox on the Super NES. It was a great game and, not too surprisingly, still holds up well today. It made great use of the technology inside the system. I downloaded an emulator so I guess I'm going to try it with emulation and a 360 controller. I'm just missing a key ingredient to play.
  3. That kind of reminds me of the Famicom version of Dig Dug. I believe that is close to the version put on the My Arcade Micro Arcade Dig Dug cabs. I may be wrong but they do look very close.
  4. While doing some grocery shopping in our Wal-Mart that is currently in the midst of a remodel I stumbled across this: I also think the electronics section is doing away with the My Arcade and Tiny Arcade stuff...those were on clearance as well. I didn't get those though but for $4 I couldn't pass up Spy Hunter. Spy Hunter was not one of my favorites. I like the game, it's a fun game, and I have it for the NES, but there were other games I liked better if that makes sense. With that being said this one is faithful to the arcade but the controls are a bit unresponsive. It's hard to figure out how to get the car to accelerate. I couldn't figure it out. Maybe more time spent with it and I'll discover it. Otherwise the game looks really good with a bright, clear picture and the music in the game never gets boring. My first Arcade Classics mini arcade from Basic Fun. So far...I like the My Arcade Micro Players a bit better. Still...this one is cool and the artwork is really nice.
  5. Yep...I did this, too! It's how I discovered Star Fox and F-Zero.
  6. I was fortunate enough to have a Genny and SNES. I liked the few SNES games I had but I found more games I liked on the Genesis. I also remember the debate in high school about which system had the better sound. Most agreed with the SNES but then Streets of Rage 2 came out and the soundtrack to that game simply rocked. As for Star Fox on the Super NES...I agree that it felt like a Star Raiders game. I beat the game a few times. Star Fox is one of the shinning moments on the Super. @MaliciousCarp Hehe I was wondering if someone was going to pull that joke.
  7. I love Star Fox but I don't have it and emulation doesn't do the game justice. I'll sit this one out. 😞
  8. Yea...that went more like Peanut's "Jeff-fafa" statement. Joke of the century. LOL. Either way...I had a blast and I kept getting close to my previous score but I never reached 20,000 points. This game is tough as nails.
  9. Very nice RickR. Congrats! I'll be practicing so I'm ready for next Yars' challenge. 😉 I had a much needed blast, guys.
  10. I want some of those lights. I've got shelves to light up LOL. Red for 2600, blue for 5200, purple for 7800, orange for NES, yea...I'm seeing all kinds of ideas.
  11. I'll try again next year. I'll have all that time to practice and learn how to get a better score. 😉
  12. My weapon of choice: I have a 4-switch woody that I restored as best as possible and use often. Lately, though, it has been easier for me to drag out my Junior model. It's small footprint is a bit easier to deal with. Original controller is used as well.
  13. I don't have any 5200 games with price tags on them. None of them. Kind of unusual.
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