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  1. kamakazi20012

    Bill & Ted 3

    I agree. The rebooted Footloose was not that great IMO.
  2. kamakazi20012

    I finally got a TG-16!

    I've never seen a Duo in person. The Express I wanted but I could never explain the justifications to my mother or grandmother to "persuade" them into getting one.
  3. kamakazi20012

    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    Bible says Thou shall not want...but they didn't have all this cool stuff then either. 😁
  4. kamakazi20012

    I finally got a TG-16!

    Lol. Batteries not included. Yep. But the multitap does allow for I believe five controllers. Not sure why ???
  5. kamakazi20012

    I finally got a TG-16!

    I have to admit I'm a bit jealous lol. My area needs meets like that. The SMS is a great system with graphics that sometimes come close to the Genesis's capabilities. Bright and beautiful colors. I also believe Sega is the only game developer to license their IPs on other platforms that are not Sega consoles when Sega was producing hardware as well. Awesome score on the TG-16 but don't do what I did and let Keith Courage discourage you from enjoying the system. It has other great games that make it worth owning. It is a shame, however, that some PCE titles never made it to the TG-16. Konami made some awesome ports of their shooters for the PCE, Japan-only though. So if you ever run across a PCE at those events grab it! Then import the games we never got over here. Blazing Lasers is an awesome game if you can find it. Vigilante is damn near arcade perfect. I haven't played many others but I would look for them if I ever get my hands on a TG-16 again.
  6. kamakazi20012

    Keep or sell super valuable games?

    I just recently had to go through this in my recent downsizing. Everything I wanted to keep was because I knew I would play it again or I had a lot of history with. But if I wasn't using them then I simply packed and stored them to protect them from elements with the idea I can simply drag them out when I got the urge to play them again. Then there was the VIS. Bought for $20 and with most of the "games" made for it. It is a rare item. Only 10,000 known to be still in existence. Valuable? Yes, it can be. But when I tried to part with it for a bit of financial gain offers barely went above what I gave for it. I understand why because while rare it wasn't a fun system to use. Cool to look at but nothing really entertaining. I finally decided to just put it on our apartment complex's giveaway table and let someone else mess with it. I had for five years and did nothing with it. My TI99 is currently under the gun. I don't use it very much at all but it doesn't have much either. It is also in a spot I don't use for anything else so it really isn't in the way. The Atari 5200 is my top dog so just being able to hold one Atari VSX would be my pride and joy. Would I use it? Most definitely. Sell it? Not on your life! I would love to get my hands on one of those but there's no financial way I could ever get one. I wouldn't even care if it was banged up a bit. Something like that, though, would be more valuable to me than money could ever buy. I would also have to will it to someone I would trust with strict rules to enjoy it but never sell it. If that is even possible. As for that Nintendo cart? Nope...not for sale if I had one. I would have to frame it with a page full of historical notes.
  7. kamakazi20012

    Arcade USA

    As your icon says, the 5200 was an arcade machine and the games for it prove it. Some ports could have better but its hard to deny the library is an insight to what arcade games were popular during the system's heydays. If you think Junior is cool you should see Super Pac-Man and someone redid the original Pac-Man for it. Awesome stuff! Super PAC never made it to production but seems complete. Its a shame, too. The 5200 needed those. I still say it has the best ports of Pole Position and Qix.
  8. Besides MESS. Any other TG16 emulators I should try?
  9. kamakazi20012

    Games You Have Beat/Completed in 2019

    Just completed GTA V last night...the main story anyway. Multiple ending choices which I picked a good one. I won't spoil it for others but Rockstar knocked it out of the park with this one. I loved the game! Adult oriented? Definitely. But there are tons of humor underneath. You can do just about anything. Rob banks and jewelry shops, play golf or tennis, go racing, fly planes...there's plenty to do. I recommend for those not easily offended by adult only content. Hands down the best in the series...until the next one comes along. With that said there were a few glitches. Mostly with cars. Some would just drop out of the sky or pop up out of the ground. One mission required obtaining a fire truck. Once obtained you had to escape from the police. I got stuck in a bidding spot behind the bus station and had to get another fire truck. Other than that everything else was good. I recommend a physical copy (360 version was $10 new) because of the physical map.
  10. kamakazi20012

    The Toy Tomb Podcast Videos

    I loved that Sears Raceway set. You passed the Batmobile man! In a small car! Priceless.
  11. kamakazi20012

    Looks like Sega might have dropped AtGames

    I've seen lots of AtGames products over the holidays. Looks like they crammed whatever games they could on the leftover Genesis 3 looking thing plus controllers with specific games put in them. Not the best quality. I would rather spend my money on a My Arcade product whether it be a micro arcade or one of the new mini arcade machines. i could deal with fading labels from use before i could a low quality emulator put inside cheap plastic. AtGames products never felt nor played right as far as I am concerned. "Casual audience?" You either play games or you don't, period. No matter which way you swing you are still going to expect high quality equipment.
  12. Hi Justin,

    Lance is where the SMS I have came from.  He found it looking for something else.  I'm glad i got it.  Hopefully he has more TG-16s.  The value of those things have increased, though.  I never thought that machine to be worth much.  Blame Keith Courage for that...that game didn't leave a strong impression for the system.  It was the only game I had.

    1. Justin


      Cool! I really liked TurboGrafx-16, even when it was new. I agree Keith Courage wasn't a strong pack-in game. They should've launched with Bonk's Adventure, Blazing Lazers or something else. They're great systems to have now though.

  13. kamakazi20012

    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    Man, bro, are you going to leave yourself anything to enjoy? The stuff you are posting is really nice stuff.
  14. kamakazi20012

    NSG's Handheld Game Reviews

    That Asteroids game wouldn't be very fun for me. Where's the Thrust button? Asteroids is only half a game if you can't fly around and run into things lol.