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  1. Time for me to drag out the 7800. I'll try with the Europad.
  2. A new series has started! We have been playing this game for a while now and just decided to continue where we left off instead of just starting from scratch. Too much work goes into this game and most items are so rare that they may never be acquired again. Enjoy the video! It's lengthy and unedited so there are spots where we took a break and I didn't edit those out.
  3. I love this game! Just not on emulation. Lol. Congrats to all!
  4. That is the first time I've heard of that issue. Such a shame, too. Your Yar looks really nice.
  5. I agree with RickR. Standard RCA cables of most kinds lack any kind of shielding because they don't really need it. Clean the switch, try a different AC Adapter, use an actual RF cable (not an RCA cable), relocate either the equipment around your 2600 or relocate the 2600 itself. I'd use those steps in a process of elimination. If the problem still exists try eliminating small desk lamps, fans (like box fans), or anything with an electrical motor simply by turning them off for a second to see if the 2600 has any changes. Also, some kitchen appliances can also cause interference especially microwaves. I know my laptop causes interference with my 2600 four-switcher. Once I turn the laptop off the interference goes away. But, these machines are old and we have tech now we didn't have before as I mentioned earlier. Just trying to give you a list of ideas to try that are based on my experiences. Keep them in mind when everything else fails.
  6. Junior models don't have anything different than the sixer you mention other than the difference in switches and a smaller overall size. You might try a few things to make sure it is in fact your Junior model. Try an actual 2600 RF cable. These have a thick shielding that RCA audio cables don't have. If you have a LOT of electronics, especially a desktop or laptop computer, on the same circuit that the Junior model is sharing a power outlet with move the Junior to it's own power outlet with little to no electronics on that circuit. Seriously, use a different power outlet other than one used by a computer. PCs and laptops cause most major interference with Atari consoles. Keep the 2600/Junior models away from any kind of computer equipment. These WILL cause undesired interference. Try Junior on a different RF channel (2 or 3). Older game and computer consoles using RF modulation are getting more and more where interference is common. The cause of most of it is due to the modern technology we have now that was not present when the 2600 was designed. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modern console wireless controllers, modern consoles in general (360 and above) all play a part in those interference problems. As stated by Atari once in the past the device (meaning the 2600 in this case) transmits RF signals and must be able to transmit and receive signals that can cause undesired operation in either a nearby device or the 2600 itself as set by FCC rules and regulations. Even those rules state to try to relocate either the cause of the signal or the 2600 itself. It makes sense that the Junior model is detecting interference that your sixer is not. Junior models lack the extra layer of shielding that your sixer does so I would bet that it is something in your house close by causing the problem. Try it in a different room where there are no other electronics running besides the Junior model and TV of some sort if you can. Worst case scenario may be your Junior model has a faulty capacitor designed to absorb most of that interference. But I would save that as a last ditch effort if nothing else solves the problem. Hope this helps. Post pics of the screen if you can if nothing I've mentioned here works.
  7. Hello fellow Atarians! I thought I would share a recent pickup for the ST. This was brand new before I got my grubby little hands on it. Yea...sealed games don't last long here at all. The reason why I'm sharing it is because of what I found once I opened it. For starters I really like these old school computer packages. There were so many different styles using different forms of art each of which were attempts at not only attracting your attention to buy it but also capture the spirit of the game within. The package is the size of those 45 RPM storybooks give or take a Renegade took the comic approach. Then I opened it and... Hell YEA! Inside is a comic book style story introducing the story of the game. How's that for originality? I've never seen anything like this before so this was a really nice surprise. Paperwork and a catalog are tucked away in a sleeve on the left, disks for the game are tucked under a sleeve on the right. It's things like this that make me curse digital-only content. Being able to actual hold and see this stuff is slowly going away and it really doesn't need to. There's always a purpose for a physical product that puts as much effort in the package details as was put in the game itself. This kind of game product is priceless no matter what system it is for. After sharing this now I only have one question remaining: should I fill out that warranty card and send it in?
  8. F-Zero was my first SNES game ever. Then this one. I have to admit that Gradius III is fun but my least favorite in the series due to a slowdown issue in later levels. I lack this game and controllers unfortunately and emulation does not do this game justice. This one HAS to be played on real hardware to truly appreciate it. Konami out did themselves on this one. It's a shame they didn't use the 16-bit technology to bring Life Force and the original Gradius over to the SNES.
  9. I'd love to have a portion of that history! When I was a kid I once dreamed of being able to set foot inside Atari just to see it. I'd definitely take care of something like that. That's video game history and it needs to be preserved.
  10. The 2600's Asteroids came to my area long before the arcade game did. After the "Atari Craze" took off my area got an arcade called King Koin. Nope...that's not a misspelling. The 2600 version was my number 2 favorite and remains a favorite to this day. It's a shame the 5200 never got it even when it was present in the 5200 catalog and later removed. 2600 Asteroids is one of those games just like Space Invaders...once you start playing it's hard to put the controller down.
  11. Hmm. This is going to be hard. So, I'm going to do a couple of scenarios for this. First scenario. 360 would be my first choice but that console is a power hog and most games I have require an internet connection for a license check. That's a no-go. And if we are running on limited power sources, like a battery or something, power consumption has to be considered. The 2600 would be the one to use the least amount of power in terms of voltage and amps. I have ran one off of a battery pack decades ago and it lasted about 5 hours. Given that, and if I am allowed only one console on the trip, the 7800 would be my choice. It uses the same amount of power plus offers two platforms. Now the games. Adventure Radar Lock Mountain King Planet Patrol E.T. Jr Pac-Man Enduro Space Invaders Warlords Space Shuttle Starmaster Moon Patrol RS Volleyball Centipede Asteroids (7800) Joust (7800) Food Fight (7800) Galaga (7800) Dark Chambers (7800) Solaris Now, on with scenario two. If the number of consoles is not important then I would have to pick these: NES Classic (already has 30 games on it and uses only 5 volts) Atari 7800 Game Boy Advance Sega Master System The NES Classic would have to be my first choice because of the amount of games already on it. That's a no-brainer. The 7800 again makes this list to offer a wider variety of Atari games for those times when only an Atari game will do. Game Boy Advance has to make this list because of its backwards capability to the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. And Sega Master System for some classic arcade game play that only Sega can deliver. Finally, what games would I bring with all these systems: Out Run After Burner (SMS) Asteroids (7800) Space Invaders (2600) Radar Lock (2600) Galaga (7800) Astro Warrior (SMS) Jr Pac-Man (2600) Solaris (2600) Xevious (7800) R-Type (SMS) Super Mario Land (GB) Alleyway (GB) Dark Chambers (7800) Adventure (2600) Enduro (2600) Space Harrier (SMS) Pokemon (Any GB/GBC/GBA Version) Space Shuttle (2600) Planet Patrol (2600) That would be my choices. I would have taken my 5200, too, but I would need more that 20 games for that one. The Lynx would go with along with its power adapter. Jaguar? Definitely if given the opportunity. It's too darn difficult to pick just one. Atari computers most likely not but only because of how much power it would take to run one. Power would be a rare commodity so any way to preserve it would be top priority.
  12. I was not able to get this game in time for the challenge. Out of all of the Sonics for the Genesis the first one will always be my top favorite. 2 was eh. After that I wasn't interested.
  13. I didn't get to play as much as I would have liked. Awesome score @Kid A !
  14. Wife and I are still battling it out against Bandits in Borderlands 2 So the party's not over yet!
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