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  1. Loved the Phantasy Star series. 3 was my favorite. I loved the music in all of them but the music in 3 seemed to leave a better impression on me. It was the only one I managed to finish twice. I never seen all of its endings.
  2. Turtles in Time, if I'm not mistaken, has a SNES-ized version of Pizza Power from the Turtles album. I think it's that one. And you can't go wrong with SF II. I prefer the Genesis' SF II CE myself but that's just me. SNES is in great shape, too! Nice find.
  3. I had a Virtual Boy once and actually enjoyed it. Mario Tennis and Galactic Pinball were my favorites. I had Wario Woods or World (??), too. I think I found Red Alert on clearance. Actually, I remember getting all of it on clearance for $30 from Toys R Us I believe in Arkansas when I visited my mother decades ago. I wish I still had one. I loved it.
  4. 1987...just two years away from when Alleyway was released! Nice score, AC!
  5. This game is fun. I like it when the bricks scroll.
  6. Here's my attempt. 3,879. Unfortunately it's emulated The good part is that I got my Sony Mavica FD camera working again. It wasn't wanting to read disks. Taking that thing apart was a nightmare as I didn't want to ruin it. Everything inside was layered like a sandwich. And seemed like a million micro screws. Wow. I just noticed I have an Atari I/O anniversary coming up. Has it been 4 years already?
  7. Would love to play this on my GBA but I have an emulator setup now. Thought about ordering it since it is a cheap game but shipping costs more than the game. Count me in! I haven't played this game since I owned an original GB about '88 - '89. I had this game but it was the least played. I played Castlevania and SML more. I think this is the only console I played a lot of Tennis on as well.
  8. Well, we got snow the night before Christmas...I mean HALLOWEEN! Geez, man. Temperatures were barely above freezing so my wife and I stayed home and played the Bloody Harvest event in Borderlands 3 which ends sometime next week. The "rewards" we got were not that great, though. Got maybe one or two legendary items one of which is a Torgue shotgun that fires lasers and rockets simultaneously. That was probably the best reward during the event that my wife and I got but that came from an enemy, not a boss or loot crate. It goes through the ammo quick, though. Was taking down a boss with it, doing good, half way through the gun went "click" and my character said "Out of AMMO!" D'OH! Yea, got our butts stomped after that gun ran out of ammo and no vending machines were any where close by. Hard to believe another Halloween has come and gone and Wal-Mart had their Christmas stuff setup like a week before. Now we get set for lots of turkey and then a visit from the man in the big red suit. Man the holidays come and go so fast these days.
  9. I would get a spare 2600 RF cable, take the console apart, and see if that would work. I'm not familiar with the console so I don't know if they soldered the other end on or did like Atari did with the 2600 and had a RCA jack soldered on the board. That would be my suggestion and by far the cheapest solution.
  10. That GG box looks like it got some water damage. @RickR Yep. A 2600 with all the essentials. Ms. Pac-Man, too! That Super Mario Land looks like it's from a different region. Japanese version?
  11. kinda catchy, eh? Maybe I should have told my wife this when I met her. Take me for a 10-day trial, get your money back guarantee. Just kidding. 10 days have turned into 10 years.
  12. I first discovered this song shortly after Mom passed. I had moved in with my Grandmother and was cleaning out and remodeling her old small workshop that once belonged to my great grandpa. There was an old stack of old vinyl albums with most of them without any sleeves. I asked her about them and she responded that they were mine handed down from my Dad when he passed...they were just forgot about. So I went through them. This one was on an old K-Tel album. So, I setup an all in one stereo, you know the ones that had a record player, 8-track, AM/FM, and played the record while I finished up the workshop. This song was on it and became one of my favorites. There were a bunch of others that were good, too, but this one stuck with me. A real toe tapper. I kept the radio in the workshop and added florescent lighting. I could see! Better than a single light bulb stuck in a corner that shocked you every time the chain was pulled. I'll have to see if I can find those other songs that were on there I liked.
  13. I would but I'm strapped. The most I could do is flood my YouTube with new videos. Each video has a link below them to help StormSurge reach his goal.
  14. I think I still have a Windows XP CD around here somewhere. I also have a Windows 7 CD. I know how to hack XP to where you never see the OS at all and have it boot straight into the front end. I'd have to find MaLa again which I had at one point on an older laptop that mysteriously died. It was turning out to be a great MAME machine when it stopped turning on for whatever reason. MaLa also seems to be dead as well so I may not be able to find it. You had to register it before you could use it. Don't go to that much trouble, bud. If I can get the AMD going it should suffice. I really appreciate it though. The AMD setup is almost identical to the laptop I once had that was running MAME with a front end. It should handle the games I would want to load up on a MAME cab. I don't really plan on going to far into the 1990's with games. From the 1970's up to 1990's should be enough and is the target era that has the games I would play. Taito, Konami, Namco, Nintendo (if I can find those), Sega, Capcom, Williams, Data East...those games are what I'm after. Out Run, Space Harrier (which I know require some horsepower) will be the ones that will cause any issues due to their twin 16-bit setups. Gyruss, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, things like that will run on just about any hardware from the mid 2000's up without problems as long as the ROMs are complete. I guess I better get MAME and some ROMS to play around with on the computer I'm using now to get an idea of what I am after. Once that is done I will have a template I can port over to the Linux setup. I also looked for DDR RAM and all I found was some for laptops. I have none for desktops.
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