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2-Player Battle - Xevious (Atari 7800) - Justin vs. RadioPoultry


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WINNER: Justin
Atari 7800
March 30, 2020

ROUND 1: @RadioPoultry
ROUND 2: @Justin
ROUND 3: @Justin


RadioPoultry is a SERIOUS contender and this was a great game to play! He's a gentleman and a great guy to play against. The Atari 7800 really shines with Xevious as @kamakazi20012 was just saying, it feels like legit arcade action with a ton of stuff moving around the screen and zero slowdown. This match was particularly fun because Radio and I both got farther in Xevious than either of us ever had. Radio always posts incredible scores, when I sat down to play this morning I thought I was done for. I barely squeaked by, and RadioPoultry and I had a very close game. Hope to play again!

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