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What games would you like to see me cover in my new blog?


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Hello everybody!

I would just like to mention that I have a new blog, Games from Before My Time. It's a game review blog where I talk about games that preceded me. I plan on covering games from the second to sixth console generations. Growing up, I mostly played older games compared to what my friends have played. In the blog I plan on talking about my personal experiences with the games and also reviewing them. At the end I give them a score out of 10 compared to other games on that system. So far I have covered two games: Miniature Golf on Atari 2600 and Mario Kart Super Circuit on Game Boy Advance.

For this blog I would like to mainly stick to games I have played before. So that would be mostly Nintendo and Atari stuff. I have played a few XBOX and Genesis games before as well as Game Gear, but never any Playstation games before my time. I also would like to review some games I am nostalgic for to really get that personal connection down.

So I'm just asking: what stuff would you like me to review? Please suggest them below!

Oh yes, and here's a link to the blog itself! Feel free to comment and things there as well.

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2 hours ago, RickR said:

Tunnel of Doom.  Clearly, you have some passion for this game. 

Tunnel Runner? I have a story for that one. Such a nice memory.

I could also do Luigi's Mansion, though that story is so long I could write a novel.

I'm thinking tomorrow I might talk about the first game that I was ever grounded from, Namco Museum 64.

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19 minutes ago, RickR said:

I think you're on the right track.  The ones where you have something personal to convey. 

Precisely. Super Mario 64 DS comes to mind. Super Mario Land and its sequel are nostalgic atom bombs. Kid Icarus Of Myths and Monsters is a recent one I played but I'm already a bit nostalgic for. If I cover that one I'll tell you all why it happened so soon after I played it. It involves many intertwining memories based on where I played it. One of those memories is of Versus Super Mario Brothers, the first game I have ever played and one I will need to "blog about". Getting that again was one of the first things I did when I got my Switch. Sadly the Versus machine is no longer with us. I'll also have to cover All-Stars and Super Metroid, Link's Awakening and 2600 Pac-Man, Pitfall the Mayan Adventure, regular Adventure, Tetris, Space Invaders, Columns III, Yo! Noid... I guess I have a lot of things ready.

Do you have any other suggestions for me, @RickR? I'd love to hear some of your favorites and maybe some of your stories with the games. I'd love to be able to share other members' stories on the blog. As long as they're games from before my time, they qualify! Except for, you know... a select few 2600 games for more... er... mature audiences. I would like to avoid those games and keep it nice and PG.

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