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Tamagotchi Death Match


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Anyone who has a Tamagotchi handheld is welcome to participate! The Game Boy game doesn't count for the tournament as it isn't in real-time, but if you'd like to play it, you are more than welcome to post your creature's life here.

Goal of the contest: Last Tamagotchi standing wins!

What you win: Absolutely nothing.

Rules of the contest:

  • You must post the date and approximate time when your Tamagotchi creature hatched out of its egg
  • This contest doesn't take into account how you raise your virtual pet. Happiness, discipline, and evolutionary form are not taken into consideration. Only the length of the lifespan of your Tamagotchi counts towards the high score, but how you raise your Tamagotchi can affect that in the long-term.
  • You need to give your Tamagotchi a name! You don't name them in the game, so make your own one up and post it here in the I/O along with status updates on your creature!
  • You can join at any time. The contest has no real ending. Consider it battling for the "high score", or longest time alive.
  • You must play the game on one of the LCD handhelds. Any generation of LCD game will do
  • Whenever a notable event happens, such as your Tamagotchi evolves or dies, you must post a picture and include a date in said post. You don't need to post a picture when it hatches as they all look the same at the beginning.
  • Semi-frequently update us with status updates, such as weight and age. You don't need to post constantly, only every day or every other day. Just keep me up to date. Don't need to take a picture of this; just type it. These status updates don't affect the contest, but help legitimize your entry.
  • When the Tamagotchi inevitably dies, post a picture, date, and how old your creature was when it parished.
  • After your first Tamagotchi dies, you may make another attempt if you wish.

You can join at any time! The contest never ends!


Meet Stupid Child. He was born at about 8:35 this morning. At the time of writing this, he is still but a mere child weighing 5 ounces with no discipline. My Tamagotchi unit is a modern reproduction unit of the first generation that was released back in the late 1990's. Yes, you can still buy these in stores today! Since this is a reproduction of the first gen, it is different than some of the other units. The foods are different, the evolutionary forms are different, the game you play to raise happiness is different, etc. I'm not sure if they included genders in later versions, but mine doesn't have them.

Enjoy the contest and may the best caretaker win! Remember, you can enter at any time!

Edit: The thing evolved.


Current High Score:

Stupid Child & @HDN

1 in-game year

Edited by HDN
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What a fun idea! 

Sadly, I don't think we still have any Tomagotchi in the house.  However, I do have a semi-humorous story.  Our security tokens at work -- I always call them "Tomagotchi".  It never gets a laugh.  Nobody remembers these things!  Yet I will never stop calling them that.


tomagochi 002.JPG

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