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Help me find GOOD GB or GBC "Sports" and Pinball Games


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I'm on the hunt to find some really good GameBoy (or GBC) sports or pinball games.  I'll post what I've found so far (good and bad) here.  Please do post any suggested games!  For the moment, it will be games in these categories:  Pinball, Bowling, Golf, Racing, Baseball, Football. 

Here's a few that I've tried so far:


  • World Bowling - Not too bad. 
  • 10-Pin Bowling - Terrible.  How do you mess up a bowling game?  It's got bad controls, no animations of the pins falling, and no options at all. 


  • Kirby's Pinball - Excellent!
  • Little Mermaid 2 Pinball - Fun.  A little slow.  But lots of mini-tables to uncover.  Very colorful -- looks good.
  • Revenge of the Gator Pinball - Fun!  Basic, yet fun video pinball action
  • Pinball Dreams - It's OK, but I find it kind of boring.  It's more or a real pinball simulator with no video enhancements. 


  • Mario Golf - Perfect!
  • Hole in One Golf - Terrible.  It's confusing to play, and has the most irritating music. 


  • Toy Story Racer - It's a Mario-Kart style racer with some pretty ambitious 3D effects.  Graphics look good, but are a little choppy.   It's ok, but I'm hoping to find something more fun. 
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I got you covered, @RickR.


Try Kirby's Pinball Land. It's marvelous. Made by the same people behind Revenge of the Gator, Kirby's Pinball Land features similar physics,  bonus screens, and multi-layered tables, but it also contains more advanced layouts, killer music, boss battles, and epic music. A must-own for the system, and quite possibly one of my favorite pinball games ever made.


Try Top Rank Tennis. It is a very good game. Fast ball physics, lots of different ways to swing the racket, singles and doubles, four-player support, tournament modes, and some awesome voice synthesis. An honorable mention would be the original Tennis for Game Boy. Both are great games, but Top Rank is the better of the two.


Try Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color. It's an exclusive game in the clear case, so don't count on it working with your Brick, Pocket, or Super Game Boys. The control is great, and the ball goes where it should. Reminds me like an expansion and overall improvement of the phenomenal NES black-box Golf.


Here's one that I'm not particularly fond of, but I think you might like. F-1 Race is a cheap game that you might want to try out. It reminds me a bit of Pole Position with rankings (first, second, third, etc) instead of just a time trial with cars. I'm not too big a fan, but you might find some enjoyment should you play it.

Play Action Football might be one you would enjoy. It's fine, but I prefer more arcadey football games where you don't have to pick from a vast selection of plays, like 10-Yard Fight and 2600 Football. You would like this one probably. I can appreciate it for what it is and can clearly see that it's a good football game. Just not my cup of tea.


I can't think of any bowling games at the moment on GB or GBC. Let me get back to you on that.

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4 hours ago, RickR said:

@HDN, you suggested Mario Golf and Kirby's Pinball and both are excellent.  Thanks!

Always happy to help with stuff like this and talk about these games I love. I want everyone to enjoy these sorts of things. And you all here on the I/O have helped ME enjoy things too!

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