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TI Manuals/Keyboard Strips/Cartridge Labels/3D Printer Files (Updated 04/08/2023)

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Notice:  I was informed via email of a discussion concerning the removal of this list from another site.  Due to my personal ethics and principles, I opted to no longer frequent the other site.  I'm still maintaining and updating the list for the benefit of the TI community, but since an abandoned list would become severely out-of-date over time, I elected to transfer it here.  I apologize for any mild inconvenience this may cause some people, but if you simply save this page in your favorites, it'll only take a click of the mouse button to come here any time to view and use it.  - Ω -



32K & TIPI Case

Backbit 32K Expansion Case  

CF7+ 3D Case   


Joystick Adapter Case 

Replacement Keyboard Plunger for the TI "Hi-Tek" Keyboard

Speech Synthesizer Enclosure

Texas Instruments LOGO Coaster

TIPI+32K Sidecar Unit  -- NOTE: Revision for bottom of unit is: HERE 

1/2 height disk drive faceplate for 3.5" drive and a GOTEK floppy emulator 

CR-2032 Battery Holder for Mini Memory

FinalGROM Shell

Flash ROM 99 Cartridge Shell 

Keyboard Cover By: Omega-TI  (NEW)

Mini TI-99/4A Console

Nano-PEB Case

Another Nano-PEB Case

Power Switch for Black & Silver Consoles

Stackpole Switch Stem

Storage Rack for TI cartridges

TI-99/4A Rpi Box

TIPI Case for the TI

TI Logo Coin

TI Logo Ring



TI related, but non-4A  related objects

Raspberry Pi 3 Case that resembles a TI-99/4A 


CC-40 SD Drive Enclosure 



4/A Talk, P-Term, TI LOGO

Disk Manager 1000, Graphx, Disk Assembler, GRAM Kracker, TI-Calc, P-Code

Editor/Assembler & Terminal Emulator II

Miller's Graphics Explorer

New Version of Miller's Graphics Explorer 

Submarine Commander


TI-Writer, Multiplan & Video Chess

BEIGE Disk Assembler, BEIGE TI-Writer, BEIGE Graphx, BEIGE P-Code

BEIGE Terminal Emulator II, Editor Assembler, TI Forth and TI-Writer (German)

BEIGE 99/8 BASIC, BEIGE 99/8 TI-Writer, BEIGE 99/8 BASIC, BEIGE 99/8 P-System

PS/2 Console (single row)

PS/2 Console & BA-Writer (three row)



Bigfoot Manual 

Championship Baseball Overlay 

Championship Baseball Manual

Honey Hunt Overlay

I'm Hiding Overlay

MBX Manual

Meteor Belt Manual

Soundtrack Trolley Overlay

Space Bandits Manual

Superfly Manual

Terry Turtle's Adventure Manual

Terry Turtle's Adventure Overlay

MBX Advertisements in JPG format

History of the MBX document

Development Tools (Notes/Diagnostics & XB Call Links)



TI-Base Quick Reference Card107.24 kB · 58 downloads   (See full manual in manual section below)

TI-Editor/Assembler Reference Card

TI-Extended BASIC

TI-Writer, Multiplan & TI BASIC

Willey Quick Reference Guide for TI-BASIC



Editor/Assembler - Spine (Scan in JPG format)

Editor/Assembler - Spine (Reproduction in .PSD format)

Old Style Manual Cover Templates

SHIFT838 Newsletter Binder

TI - Binder Covers for Multiplan and TI-Writer

XB256D Manual Cover

3 Ring Binder Spine for Yesterday's News

Technical Data Cover 



3D Bowling

4A Flyer

Adventure Module Manual 

All Star Baseball

Alpiner Manual 

Aztec Game Manual

B-1 Nuclear Bomber


Barrage scan

Beyond Parsec scan

Beyond Video Chess scan 

BHXP1 Experimental Aircraft Simulator

Boot, Remind Me!, Road Hunter

Boxer, Qmaze,Spot Shot, Star Runner

Cavern Quest 

Centipede scan

Computer War

Copy C Instruction Manual

CorComp 9900 Disk Controller Manual 

Cortex BASIC 80 (manual in 'starter kit) F18A, FR99 compliant

Data Base Management Manual By: Navarone

Death Drones scan

Defender scan

Desk Top Publisher Manual By: Databiotics

Dig Dug scan

Disk Manager 1000-6

Disk Utilities 4.20 (Formatting slightly off)

Donkey Kong scan

Editor/Assembler Manual 

Electrical Engineering Manual scan 

Fast Term II

fbForth Manual

Frogger scan

Inventory Management Manual scan 

Junkman Jr. scan

Killer Caterpillar

Math Routine Library scan 

Midnight Mason

Micro Pinball

Mine Sweeper original document

Micro-Tennis scan

Moon Patrol scan

Moonvasion scan

Ms. Pacman scan

Munchman scan

Mini Memory Line-by-Line Assembler

Miller's Graphics Explorer Manual (Hotlinked from Ciro's Webpage)

Mini Memory Module

Night Stalker Manual

Page Pro 99 scan

Peripheral Expansion System - Theory of Operation

Personal Record Keeping

Picasso Publisher 2.0 Documentation Manual

Picnic Paranoia scan

Pole Position scan

PreEditor scan

PRE-SCAN IT! cleaned scan 

Protector II scan

Rich Extended BASIC Manual

Sabre Wulf (the official TI Manual) By: Rasmus Moustgaard



Slinky Game Manual

Sorgan II

Star Runner Manual 

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator 

Statistics Cartridge Manual 

Strike Three! scan

Sparkdrummer's Challenge: Rescue At Atari Age (Original Manual)

Spot Shot

Stratego (Original Manual)

Submarine Commander 

Telco, TI-Lander, TI-Runner, TI-Scramble remakes

Terminal Emulator II Manual


TI-Artist scan

TI-Artist Plus!

TI-Base Manual2.77 MB · 59 downloads   (See TI-Base Quick Reference Card above in Reference Card section)

TI BASIC Support Module Documentation restored

TI Extended BASIC Manual Features Linked Index

TI - Microsoft Multiplan

TI-Runner Manual (From original scans) 

TI - Runner Level Editor 

TI Speech Synthesis

Tombstone City

TRIS Game Manual scan

MAD-HUG - Teach Yourself TI BASIC

Q-Bert scan

Tunnels of Doom scan

Video Chess

Volcano Fortress




4A Disk Operating System

2018 Contest 4K Short N' Sweet Games-A 2018 4K Contest Label-B

Alex Kidd


Atarisoft Labels

Cartridge Label for Atarisoft Compilation

Borzork1.8 kB · 1 download (Not the official label)

Bounce 'N' Pounce

8K Super Cart

Cortex BASIC 80


Disk Manager 2000

Escape North Korea140.02 kB · 14 downloads 

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

E.T. In His Adventure on Land

E.T. In His Adventure at Sea

fbForth Labels (Not the ones the author / creator uses on his cartridges for sale)

FinalGROM 99 Cartridge Label

FlashROM 99

Flying Shark

Funware Cartridge Labels

Hide & Seek

Rock Runner

Miller's Graphics Explorer Cartridge Labels 


Mr. Chin

Myarc Extended BASIC II

Night Stalker - A Night Stalker - B

Pengo Cartridge Label 

JetPac (Powered By TURBOFORTH)

Perfect Push

Postscript/PDF Labels (assortment)

Rasmus' 8-N-1 Arcade

Rasmus 8-N-1 Arcade (Old School Version)



Snake Plissken

Space Station Pheta

Stuart's Internet Browser

Super TI-99 Mario Bros.

Submarine Commander & River Rescue


TurboForth and Development Cartridge Labels

Turmoil Version 1 -- Turmoil Version 2 

Tutankham cartridge label



DBT Labels

Logo Labels

Panzer Strike

Panzer Strike Diskette Sleeve

Stratego 5.25 Diskette Label1.43 MB · 30 downloads  

Texas Instruments Original Diskette Sleeve

Retro TI Sleeve for 3.5" Diskettes 

Yesterday's News 5.25 Diskette Label

TurboForth v1.2 for 5.25 Diskettes



Myarc RS-232 Interface Card Label327.35 kB · 3 downloads

Myarc DDCC-1 Floppy Controller Label293.52 kB · 4 downloads

TI 128 K Super RAM Expansion Label

TI 32 K Memory Expansion Label

TI Disk Controller Label

TI IEEE-488 Interface Label

TI Flex Cable Interface Label

TI P-Code Ver 4.0 Label

TI RS-232 Interface Label

TI Video Controller Label





Texas Instruments Fonts.ZIP 


MISCELLANEOUS LABELS (Requires Label Maker for best results)

"Solid State Cartridge" label  




Console In "Blueprint" Format"

Elvira TI-Advertisement (Humor) 

Geneve 9640 Motherboard

"Steampunked TI System"

TI-99/4A Motherboard & Internal Power Supply

"TI User Lives Here" Sign (PDF format)

UberGROM Cartridge Schematic "Blueprint"

"Unauthorized Service" Sign




Make a computer desk for your TI out of a single sheet of plywood



Hamsoft 99 (Kantronics) - Amateur Radio Use Only

Rave 99 Expansion Box (PE/2)

Manual to making your own TOD adventure 


Video Controller Card Materials

BWG Floppy Drive Controller Schematic

FLUG DSDD Floppy Drive Controller Schematic

Horizon RAM Disk Construction Guide

TI RS-232 Schematic

Disk Drive Operating and Service Manuals

Mechatronic 80 Column Card Schematic

Mechatronic 80 Column SCART cable for 6 pin DIN

Myarc FDCC-1 Floppy Drive Controller Schematic

NTSC to PAL Video Conversion Instructions

Percom Floppy Drive Controller

Quest 200 Ram Disk Schematic

Terminal Emulator II Protocol Manual

TI Product 360 DSSD Floppy Drive Controller Schematic

Zeno Board Schematics & Technical Information



C-99 Floating Point Library

GPL Debugger Operations Guide

Software Development System Programmer's Guide (Useful for guys writing for the FinalGROM99)



Character Coding Sheets


DCHAR2 Layout Screen

Color Layout Screen (Variant of DCHAR2 above)

Sprite Table Sheet



Geneve 9640 Pinouts (pwr & video)




nanoPEB Documentation V1 & V2



Console Debugging By: John Guion


HISTORICAL SECTION                                        

The Nostalgic feeling of opening a NEW P-Box 

Texas Instruments - The Personal Computer Division White Papers 

Triton Advertising Flyer (Good Quality)  From: OLD CS1

99/4A "National Assistance Group" Invitation/Advertisement


If you find any links broken, please let me @- Ω - know and I'll try to fix them or delete them.


Edited by - Ω -
Updated 04/08/2023 - Added Keyboard Cover

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On 3/29/2021 at 12:53 PM, Oddemann said:

Testing... And sharing...

Hi @Oddemann welcome aboard!  I'll be happy to link to this... once I know what it is.  I have to admit, I'm a little confused on this one, could you fill me in?


Edited by - Ω -

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On 3/30/2021 at 5:15 PM, - Ω - said:

Hi @Oddemann welcome aboard!  I'll be happy to link to this... once I know what it is.  I have to admit, I'm a little confused on this one, could you fill me in?

Ref: DCHAR2 Layout Screen

The hole screen on the TI. So there is 32*24 and 8*8 in every individual box. My take on it!

I made this so I could draw on the "screen" and have it look "native" to the TI. And then the color under so that you know what you have in order to draw something on the TI.

With this I can make a "game window" and see how it would look limited to those colors.

Edited by Oddemann
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There's going to be a slight format change for the better.  Since this page has migrated here, it's now going to be open to anything TI related anywhere in the world on the Internet that you think fits the subject matter of this thread.  So, if you know of anything good, or special, please, post the link here!

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On 5/4/2021 at 9:35 AM, RickR said:

Well, I finally do have a 3D printer.  There are two things I need to print cases for when time permits:  The standard 32K sidecar and the Atari joystick adapter board.  I'll see if I can find print files that are already available.


... so 5 months later... have you done that yet?

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54 minutes ago, RickR said:

Yes and no.  I printed a 3D case for the 32k sidecar.  But I was never able to find files for the joystick board.  And I have no time to create my own. 

Did you sand and polish it after printing?  Do you have a photo?  I'd like to see a dedicated 3D printer thread start with tips and tricks on how to make things look "store bought".  I may purchase a 3D printer next year... IF  I can get rid of a bunch of other things taking up room.

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I do not sand, polish, or paint.  I do use a rough file on the sharper edges. 

My honest opinion on 3d printing -- do it only if you have a lot of time on your hands.  It is difficult and frustrating.  I would not do it again and I'll probably get rid of mine.  A better option IMO is to find a local company or library that will let you use their printer for a fee.  Or just buy whatever cases you need from an expert. 

For those that are interested -- get yourself the best slicing software you can (I use CURA), and also look into a CAD program of your liking (I use TinkerCAD).  This aspect is one I do enjoy. 

Prints take hours.  And so many things can go wrong.  Filament that gets stuck on the spool, print heads that clog, power disruptions, etc.  Proceed with your eyes wide open. 



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You still have one of the cases from the Brewing Academy it looks like? I recently changed out the case on my FinalGrom with a much nicer one. I still need to get me a 32k sidecar though as many things on the Finalgrom and in general require it.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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My FlashROM is old, but it does everything I want it to and I'm happy with it.  To be honest, I mostly just leave it all plugged in just as pictured.  I'm considering selling off all my TI boxed and loose carts and all other accessories/hardware.  I'd like to get the TI stuff I have to fit into one box.  Are you a member of the Facebook "TI 99ers" group?  Nice group.  I'll post the stuff I have to sell there in the next few weeks. 

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On 10/18/2021 at 9:28 PM, - Ω - said:

In my opinion, the best case for the FinalGROM is this one...


If this one interests anyone, they can get one << HERE >> 

I've been very happy with my.

That is what I replaced mine out with. Although they don't put the SD logo on there anymore or at least mine didn't come with that decal on it. I chose the same button colors also. I also picked up a replacement case for my 8-bit Uno cart from there at the same time.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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2 hours ago, CrossBow said:

That is what I replaced mine out with. Although they don't put the SD logo on there anymore or at least mine didn't come with that decal on it. I chose the same button colors also.

That's probably because I made the two labels I put on my cartridge myself.  I didn't like the one that came with it.  He also makes a matching 32K case...


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On 3/29/2021 at 10:53 PM, Oddemann said:

Testing... And sharing...

TI 99-4A Skjerm.jpg

Having access to TI Manuals/Keyboard Strips/Cartridge Labels/3D Printer Files is an absolute game-changer for anyone using TI calculators. It's incredible how these resources enhance our experience with the device, making learning and problem-solving more efficient and enjoyable. I recently used some 3D printer files to create a custom case for my TI calculator, and it turned out brilliantly! The critical analysis essay example provided at https://essaypro.com/blog/critical-analysis-essay has inspired me to reflect on the significance of these resources in education. They truly empower us to explore, innovate, and succeed.

Thanks for the information!

Edited by ocejobev
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