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Recharged Squad Challenge 006 - Tempest 4000

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default_pole_position_blimp_big.gifCongratulations tripled!


Congratulations to @tripled, the winner of our Tempest 4000 Recharged Squad Challenge! 💥

@tripled makes an incredible debut to the Recharged Squad Challenge to take 1st Place in our Final Standings with an amazing score of 2,024,494! @Mockduck was right behind with a strong second place showing of 1,903,793.  I came in third with 745,940.   And @Yorkies TV rounded out the Final Standings with a solid effort of 397,650.  

As the winner of this round @tripled will receive a set of Recharged Squad buttons and 3 entries in the controller giveaway! @Mockduck will receive two entries since he posted a stream/video of at least one of his attempts.  Everyone else will receive one entry!

I'd like to encourage @tripled to post his high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! 

Thanks also to @Marco1019 for getting the word out about this challenge!

Congratulations to tripled on his big win!  And a big congratulations to the rest of the Squad!  Tempest 4000 has met with a mixed response from the VCS community.  While some of that criticism is valid, there is a really fun game here.

NOTE: Our next Recharged Squad Challenge is Yars: Recharged! Be there!





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