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Portal with RTX Released for Free


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Although I think you need to already own Portal.  It's on Steam, and it is a huge graphical upgrade *if* your system has the horsepower to run it. 


This is one of my all-time favorite games, and of course I had to try this.  On my system (Intel core i7-7 series + GeForce 3060TI), it works well and looks great.  Maybe a bit choppy, but totally playable.  I don't know how to show frames-per-second. 

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


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So I did download this and give it a spin the other night. I had to first update my vid drivers in order to get it to work and I didn't care for that much. See, the last game that nVidia worked with to show off some RTX goodness like this was Quake II RTX. Problem is about a year or so later, the newest drivers started to break that game from working anymore on my 2070 Super. I had to downgrade the drivers to get it working stable again. So yeah, not wild about having to update them to test this. I've not tested Quake II to see if it still works or not but I will.

So... my thoughts on Portal RTX thus far? Mixed honestly...

I can see where they were going with this but unlike the Quake II RTX it feels more like a mod add-on than a complete redo of the game graphically. Some elements are nice, but I really don't see that huge a change on this game in RTX vs normal game as much as the change was with Quake II RTX.

On my 2070 super I used the recommended settings and changes by using the Alt-X combo to bring up the additional graphical options and setting them to what they recommended.

One thing I will say about DLSS is that at least for me on my 2070, it does make a difference, but the different modes do NOT look that different to my eyes and that really surprises me as well. Then again, I've had a feeling that the 2070 series have some flaws in their designs that might prevent the RTX from working as well as it should and has been demonstrated. I would like to see some screen caps from your setup to see it looks and what settings you are using and then compare with mine to give some examples.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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I'll see about getting some screen captures later as time permits.  I also see the command to see FPS.  I haven't changed the default settings.  And I already had the newest driver. 

I agree that it doesn't seem like too big a deal on this game.  But since this is one of my favorites, it sure is nice to go back and play again. 


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2 hours ago, RickR said:

And thanks for mentioning Q2-RTX.  I forgot about that.  I just tried it and it works just fine for me.  How interesting, I was just playing Q2 on my "retro PC" laptop.  Like Portal, this one is a very nice graphical update to an old favorite. 


Well, I didn't specify in what way Q2 RTX didn't work. It would work, until I got to that first elevator on the first map. Once that elevator would change to the next part of the map, the game would dump me back to the desktop and Windows would show some sort of odd hardware driver error related to some RTX commands that I assume Q2 was doing. So when I think of it, I will give that another shot.

I also need to specify on the DLSS comment. You have a few preset modes when using DLSS. They are essentially Performance, Balanced, and Quality. As the names might imply the performance mode gives you more frames at the expense of nicer looking and more realistic downsample/upsampling effects. Balance is the middle road with quality being the best it can look with DLSS enabled.

On Portal RTX, all of these modes look the same graphically to me (I'm using 1080P btw for this game in RTX), but each does provide a performance hit as I would expect. I also found that even more performance is lost when using the non DLSS RTX options, but those too, look basically the same to me. So I've kept it at performance and 1080P for now. Q2 RTX I'm able to use the quality option at 1080P or balanced type mode at 1440p and still average nearly 40fps.

So to me, Q2 RTX looks better with the RTX upgrade over portal RTX and performs better as well. But, portal isn't a game requiring fast reflexes or crazy high frame rates so it is quite playable on the options I've got set. I just wish it looked more impressive like the trailer for it an some screenshots I've seen. My guess is those were done with the new DLSS 3 mode that is only supported on the newer 4000 series cards. I believe DLSS and DLSS 2 is as far as the 2000/3000 series are able to go.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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