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GATO (Atari XE)

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On 6/15/2023 at 7:32 PM, Video 61 said:

hi Justin,


 i remember when we discussed when atari shelved gato for the 7800, were customers ever pissed. the 7800 was getting a good rep for simulators. the sims on 8-bit machines required some imagination.

the 16k ones like jumbo jet pilot, and submarine commander were spartan, but once you got past the dots in the games, they were quite enjoyable. the microprose sims, and the S.S.I. sims were the best on the 8-bit. but there were others to.

ace of aces is a very good sim/action game. to bad mine are all gone but one for the XEGS.





Im after Ace of Aces for both XE and 7800.  But GATO is interesting.  It's a shame the 7800 version got canned.  It would have been neat to see what it looked like.

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