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Release Date: August 4, 2023

Retail: $9.99

Developer: Stuart's Pixel Games

Publisher: Stuart's Pixel Games


Can you escape the land of Puzzles? Enter Puzzledorf and test your skills, solving puzzles and finding your way out! Puzzledorf is full of vibrant, block-pushing puzzles where simplicity meets surprising solutions. A land of different, bright and colourful places - will you make it out of the lava caverns?

Push blocks on targets

Move obstacles out of the way

Match the correct colours

Colour blind options

Undo Mistakes

Mirror Mode

Classic block-pushing + Ice sliding puzzles

Steam Achievements and Local High Scores

Cloud Saves (Play on any PC and continue where you last played)

Different bright, colourful worlds

Relaxing Music

Puzzledorf is a fun way to exercise your brain whilst immersing yourself in the vibrant, 2D art.

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