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Biolab Wars


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Release Date: August 30, 2023

Retail: $4.99

Developer(s): 2nd Boss

Publisher: 2nd Boss

Official Site

Synopsis :

An alien lab experimenting on Earth? It's time to call the mercenary team on duty to sweep the invaders by firing, beating and bombing.

Inspired by the 8-bit games and by the movies from the 80's, your goal is to blow things up, defeat aliens and fight bizarre bosses in this platformer 2D with classic mechanics.


  • Classic 2D platformer mechanics;
  • 8-bits graphics and sounds;
  • 4 playable characters;
  • 4 weapon types for you to pierce the enemies;
  • Blow up the enemies with your frag grenade;
  • 7 stages with 3 levels each;
  • Epic Boss Fights!



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