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Zero Page Homebrew: The Game


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Release Date: October 14, 2023

Retail: $1.00

Developer(s): Leandro Camara

Publisher: Leandro Camara

Synopsis :

Catch! Pixel and Atari are bored and want some new cat toys to play with!

Tanya, Darcy and Aerlan decide to head over to the local Pong arena to collect some bouncy balls for the cats to have fun with. There’s only one problem, James needs to start the ZPH show soon!

Help James gather his friends and convince them to come back to the ZeroPage studios, otherwise the show will start late!

This game is for two players and you get to choose which character will face James.

Good luck… for the cats!


  • James Goal: Prevent the ZPH Crew from gathering the balls bouncing around the screen, the lower the score at the end of the game the better.
  • ZPH Crew Goal: Catch as many balls as possible for the cats to play with, the higher the score the better.

Pong Wave:

  • James: Every time you catch a ZPH Crew member, the status bar goes down. The status bar will turn yellow when it gets low and red when it’s critical. Once the status bar reaches zero, the game ends. The balls collected by your opponent determines your score, the lower the better.
  • ZPH Crew: Score 1 point for each ball collected. Every 20 points, it switches to the Boss Wave. The more points the better.

Boss Wave (Pixel Cat):

  • James: Capture Pixel Cat six (6) times within 35 seconds to win the game immediately. Be mindful that each capture of Pixel restores one (1) square to the Status Bar, delaying James' ability to win if he returns to the arena.
  • Pixel Cat: Avoid capture by James in order to return to Pong Wave so the ZPH Crew can gather more cat toys. Hint: If you’re feeling brave, you can deliberately get captured to build up your status bar, but make sure you don’t get captured more than five (5) times!

End of Game:

  • The game ends when either the Status Bar reaches zero or Pixel Cat is caught six (6) times.


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