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Why Every 80's Computer Gamer Will Love The Making of Karateka


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Digital Eclipse recently released a "director's cut" of the groundbreaking game Karateka that was published originally on the Apple II and later ported to many other platforms. In addition to providing an extensive exhibit of developer Jordan Mechner's development of Karateka and a few other earlier games it also provides a modern refresh of Karateka and one of Mechner's unreleased games.


00:00 - Intro

00:38 - Demo: Karateka for the Apple II

03:57 - The Making of Karateka Review

08:01 - Game Library 09:14 - Prototypes

10:19 - ModernrReimagining of Karateka and Deathbounce

12:45 - Conclusion



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I'll put that on my watch list.  I'm not sure where to watch "The Making of Karateka", so I'm sure he goes over that.

Karateka is another good reason to get an Atari 8-bit.  The controls (keyboard) work really well, and it has better sound than the Apple II version.  It's a great game with a lot of little surprises. 


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