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lo-fi, low res, retro style images.


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Okay, this is purely just some silliness and having some fun. 😜I am using a camera app with filter results hopefully somewhat reminiscent of how images might have been displayed on some retro consoles and computers. Perhaps this is how an image might have looked also printed out on Old dot matrix printers. Anyway, this is an app on my old Android 7 phone called Retroboy, I've taken some selfies using various filter options. With each filter option, you can also go to settings and customize results in regards to resolution etc. Shown are samples using filters for c64, Game Boy, Apple computer etc. As to the specifics or the accuracy of the results I cannot say. It's just a toy more than anything but I just love playing around with such things that try to mimic the results we would have had back in the day on our beloved computers in consoles. Again, it's all just for fun and something to do, various similar apps create this effect or they may record video or take images that appear to have been created with an old '80s VHS camera or the low res Game Boy camera or even mimic the effects of cameras from years gone by, of course, we can always do amazing things with our modern phones and cameras but I have more fun I think playing around recreating styles from long past, we didn't have the resolution or the detail or the effects that we can create now of course but that didn't mean that you couldn't be creative and have fun.










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