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I thought it would be worthwhile to start a topic here for the 8 Bit Guy videos.  He's been around a LONG time and his videos are excellent.

In this latest episode, there's a lot of honesty and information about YouTube revenue.  For example, did you know the "shorts" and TikTok videos aren't directly monetized?  Maybe that's why those services push them.


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DISCLAIMER: I don't stream on YouTube, only on Twitch. What I do with my little retrogaming show is just a hobby so I'm never going to make anything from it.

I read a few snippets about the downturn of YouTube monetization. It's really unfortunate, though I'm not surprised that YouTube is moving the proverbial goalposts in order to pay out less.

It's a smart move for 8 Bit Guy to pivot as there are really are a ton of channels covering similar topics. It's quite challenging to even make an attempt to keep up with them.

His breakdown is both clear-cut and straightforward.


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