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Circus Interstellar (In Development)


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Release Date: TBD

Retail: TBD

Developer(s): Ettinsoft

Publisher: Ettinsoft

Official Site

Synopsis :

Circus Interstellar is a brutal arcade shooter featuring high-octane action, and killer music! Earth voyagers encounter a sadistic alien race with a terrifying clownish appearance and a nasty appetite. Will the survivors escape the gory circus? Or will they be assimilated like all the rest?

Key Features


  • Heart throbbing music by Dance With The Dead
  • 7 difficulties
  • 4 player local coop/cutup
  • 2 game modes (Escape mode, Survival/Deathmatch mode)
  • 6 bosses
  • Electric walls
  • E-Z-Walls (for those who find electric walls too hard or frustrating)
  • 50+ levels
  • Hardcore mode (1 life)
  • Freeplay mode
  • Various other awesome customizable options to change up gameplay
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Thanks for the coverage! 😄 

Porting to the Atari VCS is certainly going to be a challenge being that the system is geared towards Unity and we're one of the few devs running with Game Maker Studio 2, but we are determined to make this happen! 💪

The VCS community is wonderful so far and has been a lot of help in getting adjusted to Linux, and have been making the learning journey so far much easier to take.

So thank you everyone! 😊 

(Btw that video above is funny because we actually forgot to hit the record button the first time around and that's us scrambling to get back on track lol) 

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Hey guys 🙂

Its been a little bit since the last update as we've been having lot of trouble with getting the game to run on the Atari VCS and then immediately had A LOT of issues with the gamepad support, all due to the fact that Game Maker Studio has completely stopped caring about the VCS and linux in general.

HOWEVER! With a ton of help from Lost Astronaut, another gms2 dev porting his game Apolune 2 to the VCS, we finally got the game not only launching on the VCS but we were also able to build a local server that launches alongside the game to detect the gamepads that we can pull to our game! 😄 

So now we can FINALLY get to making the final touches to the port!

Some of the adjustments we plan to make:

-new rooftop textures to make the graphics more readable

-adjustments to difficulty with descriptions as to what each difficulty does

-adjustments to character control, as well gameplay feedback (gaining/losing upgrades, finding player on tactical camera mode, and more)

-VCS online scoreboards

-some new secret stuff 🙊

-And much more!

We'll be sharing more on our Ettincast Monday the 26th at 6pm PST, be sure to tune in for more details and some gameplay footage.

It shouldnt be long now! Atari VCS here we come! 😆


Edited by Ettinsoft
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