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What about starting a Jaguar Game Jam?


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Well, as far as I've seen, there does not seem to be any Jaguar game jam or whatever you want to call that kind of thing. Saw that for the Lynx and I wonder (for quite some time now): Wouldn't that be a nice thing to start? Sure, there are not that many Jag devs out there, but maybe this will give them and others an incentive to make some games? Prices (money for sure and other stuff maybe) would be necessary. I'd be willing to throw some money in the pot for this and get things going.


Maybe you have some thoughts regarding the criterea of the games? So far, I've come up with:


  • Every type of game is welcome
  • No 1:1 ports of existing games from other platforms
  • The cartridge image must run on a GameDrive (submittable ROM types should probably be mentioned)
  • Include instructions on how to play the game (.txt file)
  • The game will have a free public release at least in form of a playable demo after the contest (to not exclude people who'd like to get their stuff published by Songbird or AtariAge)
  • If this Jam starts in February, the deadline will be close to the year's end, probably in November


I wonder if there should be some kind of bonus for people who actually try something with vector graphics or polygons?

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I guess so, too. But originality might be a good point for the voting chart. Currently reading about how to start a Game Jam on itch.io and if it would be allowed to give out prices there. Would not know where else to start something like that other than itch.io, or maybe @Justin would be interested in doing this via atari.io?

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